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ONE in three women cannot stand having tradesmen potter around in their homes, a study revealed yesterday.
Ken's main duty seems to be to potter around, rescuing stray balls and lame frogs from water hazards.
You can potter around charming Lakeland towns and villages, explore the history of the area at its castles and historical houses, enjoy the great variety of attractions or have family fun at the many events taking place all year round.
'We'll be starting digging in October and I think the children will be looking forward to getting their hands dirty and on the weekends it'll be nice to just go there and potter around.'
I am not just going to potter around for the sake of it.
Biggs can still manage to potter around his home in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and occasionally goes shopping at a local market.
PAUL Morrissey has a seven-year-old Nissan Micra 1.2, but he's spending pounds 35 a week on petrol just to potter around town.
He added: "Long term, I'd like to have a go at a Group race, but we could just potter around in conditions races for the time being."
He would suit a quiet home where he could potter around. He responds well to company and needs another chance to have a happy life.
It was the fourth annual green fair to be held in the borough and offers residents the chance to potter around 30 stalls.
Spring is here, the one you loved, See you potter around,I wish I could.
Finally, on April 23 at 2.30pm, there is an afternoon potter around Stoneleigh.
If you like to potter around local shops, be sure to visit hardware store Harringtons and McCarthys Interiors.
Parents can relax at the hotel's posh restaurant or potter around the shops of Narberth.