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potter's field

A place where the indigent or the unknown are buried. A reference to the Bible, "So they conferred together and bought the potter's field with it as a burial place for foreigners" (Matthew 27:7). Primarily heard in US. The work was so grueling that a great number of immigrant laborers who built the railroads across this country ended up in some potter's field or another before the job was complete.
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potter's clay

A special type of clay that does not contain iron and is often used for making pottery. OK, class, make sure to get some potter's clay before you sit down at your wheel today.
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The world is thus filled with people who have an anxious fascination about issues which the Harry Potter series broadly hints at.
His father owned a small service and construction business in California, and Potter and his twin brother, Deontay, helped their dad run the company.
Appointed professor of "defense against the dark arts" by ministerial fiat, she soon becomes High Inquisitor at Hogwarts, charged with ensuring that neither Potter nor the powerful Hogwarts headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, upsets the magical world's insistent denial of the ugly truth about Voldemort's return
Harrison quotes various experts about the surging interest in the occult, including the High Priest of British White Witches, Kevin Carlyon, who, of course, approves of how the Potter craze has helped spur that interest.
The first culture to be encountered in each Harry Potter book is the dominant, mundane culture: it is represented primarily by the Dursley family, Harry Potter's relatives and guardians.
The Harry Potter series is a runaway bestseller that deals with a wizard-training school and other fantasy elements common in children's literature.
Richard Abanes' Harry Potter and the Bible: The Menace Behind the Magick (Horizon) warns that Rowling's books advance the cause of necromancy and teach witchcraft to unsuspecting young readers.
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Dalton Potter, owner of Potter's Violins in Bethesda, Maryland, donates six Rudolf Doetsch instruments annually to deserving and needy students, with three instruments--violins, violas or cellos of any size--awarded twice per year.
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