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pot up

To transplant a seedling or plant into a pot. A noun or pronoun can be used between "pot" and "up." A: "Wow, your gardenias are gorgeous!" B: "Thanks! I can pot one up for you, if you'd like to take one home with you." It's starting to get quite cold out, so I want to pot up these basil plants so I can tend to them indoors.
See also: pot, up


slang Drunk. After sharing two bottles of wine at lunch, we were both positively potted leaving the restaurant. I'll just have one beer—I'm not looking to get potted tonight.

pot something up

to put plants into pots. If you would like one of these tomato plants, I'll pot one up for you. Jan potted up a plant for me.
See also: pot, up


mod. drunk. He’s not sleepy! He’s totally potted!
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Founded by young entrepreneur Jonathan Bailey at the age of 22; The Potted Fish Company use ingredients that are sourced with both care and consideration.
In a smaller pot, they will topple over when they are mature even if double potted.
Potted plants offer simple solutions to unique backyard situations.
Nine 4-inch potted miniature roses (or nine 2-inch pots)
Surely a pot plant grown in a pot and then potted on into another pot doesn't create industrial waste that must be taxed?
Water and fertilizer, which can cause salts to accumulate in the soil around potted plants, migrate out through the container walls.
Round terra-cotta chimney pipes (various sizes) Potted plants Empty pots or wood blocks