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potential formal date

Someone one might like or be able to take as a date to a formal dance in college. I thought he might be a great potential formal date, but I heard he'd already asked another girl to go with him. I just think it would be easier if everyone still looking for a date to their formal just wore a nameplate reading "potential formal date."
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realize (one's) potential

To perform to the utmost of one's abilities; to find as much success as is possible for one. "Potential" is often modified by "full" or "true." I wish you would realize your true potential instead of wasting your talents in this dead-end job. I've decided to start training with the Olympic team so I can realize my full potential.
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realize one's potential

to fulfill one's potential; to do as well as one possibly can. I hope I can get a good education so lean realize my potential.
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Astronomers said the Sun potentially appeared after 100,000 generations from the Big Bang because of the metals it contains.
Kaohsiung City had the highest quantity of potentially unhealthy air quality readings, recording a total of four.
"Although it is widely recognized that many transfers of nursing facility residents are potentially avoidable, determining 'avoidability' at time of transfer is complex," the authors write.
In connection with these 3.5 million potentially unauthorized accounts, approximately 190,000 accounts incurred fees and charges, up from 130,000 previously identified accounts that incurred fees and charges, and Wells Fargo will provide a total of USD 2.8 million in additional refunds and credits on top of the USD 3.3 million previously refunded as a result of the original account review.
Credit Suisse's AML compliance department was then required to investigate the potentially suspicious activity, document its findings and file Suspicious Activity Reports where appropriate.
Previous research found that 26 percent of hospitalizations for MMEs in 2005 were potentially avoidable, at a cost of $5.6 billion (Segal, 2011).
A team of trained analysts then classified those claims as being truthful, potentially misleading or false.
(c) The necessity for the regulation and control of vicious and potentially dangerous dogs is a statewide problem, requiring state-wide regulation, and existing laws are inadequate to deal with the threat to public health and safety posed by vicious and potentially dangerous dogs.
The seizure took place in Rancho Dominguez, CA, in December 2011.Through this action, FDA removed more than $70,000 worth of these potentially dangerous dietary supplement ingredients from the market according to the agency.
The US military withdrawal is expected to exacerbate a potentially dangerous conflict between Baghdad and the KRG over petroleum rights.
About one in 10 of the nearly 40 million hospitalizations in 2008 were potentially avoidable, according to the latest News and Numbers from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ).
The report outlines the findings of an online survey conducted earlier this year in which participants were asked to inspect ingredient lists for 12 sets of "potentially harmful" chemicals used as ingredients in cosmetics.
The author argues that Aristotle's fourfold division of four causes naturally arises from a combination of two distinctions (a) between things and changes, and (b) between that which potentially is something and what it potentially is.
We have combined our work for the mandate and requests to report on the following objectives for fiscal years 2005 through 2009: (1) How much funding did federal agencies award to ACORN or potentially related organizations, and what was the source and purpose of the funding?