pot of gold

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pot of gold

A particularly large sum of money or valuable resources. Regulators chastised the financial firm for chasing pots of gold through risky investments of questionable legality rather than protect their clients' funds. You're not going to find a pot of gold going into this business, but it's definitely lucrative enough to make a living.
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pot of gold

1. Lit. a container filled with gold, as in myth guarded by a leprechaun. I was hoping to find a pot of gold in the cellar, but there were only cobwebs.
2. Fig. an imaginary reward. Whoever gets to the porch first wins a pot of gold.
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a pot of gold


a crock of gold

COMMON If you talk about a pot of gold or a crock of gold, you mean a large amount of money that someone hopes to get in the future, or something that will bring them a large amount of money in the future. The business is now worth at least £100 billion a year — a pot of gold that attracts the most diverse people. The government and employers rejected the notion that there was a crock of gold in unpaid taxes. Note: You can also talk about a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow or a crock of gold at the end of the rainbow, with a similar meaning, though this suggests that you will never get the money. Ethan was sure there was a crock of gold waiting at the end of the rainbow if only he could get himself an agent.
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pot (or crock) of gold

a large but distant or illusory reward.
This expression alludes to the traditional story that a pot of gold is to be found by anyone who succeeds in reaching the end of a rainbow.
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Cynics might also argue that the pot of gold is owner Mike Ashley's billions, which he appears reluctant to put towards strengthening manager Alan Pardew's squad.
Will the pot of gold be a play-off place for the Sky Blues at the end of the season?
Instead, the pot of gold can be found, not at the end of a rainbow, but in an account in the Central Bank.
But for those youngsters who have got their lives back because of her, she must surely be their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
Racegoers got the chance to delve into her pot of gold with winners lifting free tickets for the next meeting in May.
A SONNET TO MY LOVE How beautiful you are, a creation second to none No one like you, You are definitely one of one, A crimson sun set, dark yet bright, A shooting star flashing speedily through the sky at Night, a pot of gold at a rainbow end, An eagle soaring high, All this and more, to me, that's what you are.
Let's hope this is one rainbow without a pot of gold at its end.
It has sparked a gold rush in the area, with eager Americans desperate to get their hands on the legendary pot of gold all leprechauns have.
More than 100 children enjoyed face painting, a concert by the older children, a celebration lunch with birthday cake and a present from the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
A POT OF GOLD Model Julie Kavanagh goes potty for Lotto yesterday
The pot of gold is up for grabs as Mecca Gateshead launches a new game with a guaranteed prize of pounds 1 m.
Parents may wonder why they fundraise for schools when they see the pounds 8m pot of gold in their bank accounts.