posture as

posture as someone or something

to pretend to be someone or a particular type of person. Why is the secretary posturing as the manager and giving out assignments? Carla entered the ballroom, posturing as a grand duchess of somewhere or another.
References in classic literature ?
Loosely attired, in the coarsest and roughest garb, with scraps of straw and hay--his usual bed-- clinging here and there, and mingling with his uncombed locks, he had fallen asleep in a posture as careless as his dress.
Kenneth Hansraj, chief of spine surgery at New York Spine Surgery and Rehabilitation Medicine, defines poor posture as head in an inclined forward position and the shoulders drooping ahead in a rounded position.
56 percent of respondents described their company as having a strong security posture as per the Wisegate 2013 IT Security Benchmark Report.
This twisting motion may cause a muscular imbalance and the person is left with a twisted posture as they are being pulled out of line.
Our current posture as John Hamre mentioned, still reflects in many ways the mentality and reality of the Cold War era, during which US forces deployed forward were defensive, tripwire units that were expected to fight near where they were based.
While we were working on the book, I realized that improving posture requires a multi-pronged approach, and I wanted to create a device that could help people improve their posture as they go about their day.
Upon completing baseline assessments, the product can be configured to continually and automatically update risk and compliance posture as well as corresponding C&A and FISMA documentation.