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posture as (someone or something)

To present or portray oneself falsely as a different person or type of person. Someone posturing as a security guard managed to sneak in and steal a bunch of company secrets. You only studied psychology for a single semester, so stop posturing as some sort of expert on the topic!
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posture as someone or something

to pretend to be someone or a particular type of person. Why is the secretary posturing as the manager and giving out assignments? Carla entered the ballroom, posturing as a grand duchess of somewhere or another.
See also: posture
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But I think very little of that; people caught in a real shock of surprise are sometimes found in the queerest postures.
He now saw her in all the most shocking postures of death; nay, he considered all the miseries of prostitution to which she would be liable, and of which he would be doubly the occasion; first by seducing, and then by deserting her; for he well knew the hatred which all her neighbours, and even her own sisters, bore her, and how ready they would all be to tear her to pieces.
He said that at least five out of 10 patients suffer from joint pains caused due to bad posture.
Neka Health, a health and wellness brand now provides a seat cushion that not only offers a world of comfort while sitting, but it helps with poor posture as well.
Summary: Bad posture can contribute to things like disk herniation, pinched nerves, tingling, arthritic changes in the joints, and tissue getting shorter and tighter
That was the warning from international posture expert Dr Steven Weiniger, who trains thousands of doctors and therapists around the world in how to improve people's posture.
However, influence of pre-impact posture on the resultant impact response has not been understood well.
The contributions of abnormal posture, static postures, poor strength and endurance, and overall individual conditioning need to be taken into account.
A high percentage of this problem is due to the acceptance of an unhealthy driving posture causing from inappropriate seat design.
Objective: To determine the intensity of neck pain in neck flexion posture, prevalence of neck pain radiation to arms and interference with sleep and association of pain development with duration of abnormal posture and study activities in female students of Women Medical College (WMC), Abbottabad.
This paper presents a new hierarchical approach used for human body posture recognition based on histograms of angles and voting schemes.
Synopsis: "Good Posture Made Easy" by professional chiropractor Carrie Mayes will help any one to help themselves.
That rounded posture "stresses the muscles of the middle and upper back, and they start to burn with fatigue," explains Robert Turner, PT, OCS, a Board-Certified Orthopedic Specialist and Clinical Supervisor at the Spine Therapy Center at the Weill-Cornell affiliated Hospital for Special Surgery.
Kenneth Hansraj, chief of spine surgery at New York Spine Surgery and Rehabilitation Medicine, defines poor posture as head in an inclined forward position and the shoulders drooping ahead in a rounded position.