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posture as (someone or something)

To present or portray oneself falsely as a different person or type of person. Someone posturing as a security guard managed to sneak in and steal a bunch of company secrets. You only studied psychology for a single semester, so stop posturing as some sort of expert on the topic!
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posture as someone or something

to pretend to be someone or a particular type of person. Why is the secretary posturing as the manager and giving out assignments? Carla entered the ballroom, posturing as a grand duchess of somewhere or another.
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"Improper posture can lead to a multitude of ills, from neck pain to headaches and back pain.
Participants of the BackJoy SitSmart Posture Core yoga session
'A lot of joint problems can be prevented by good posture, by not overloading, and by doing moderate exercises.'
Research has shown that changing posture can make you feel better.
Co-author, Associate Professor of Health Education, Richard Harvey said, "Slumping over is a defensive posture that can trigger old negative memories in the body and brain.
In a randomized, controlled trial with 99 participants, targeted spine strengthening exercises and a posture training program were found to reduce hyperkyphosis (Dowager's hump) in older adults.
Keywords: Biomechanics, Human-computer interaction, Musculoskeletal discomfort, Posture, Ergonomics.
The seminar was aimed at providing strategic insight into the emerging trends in Indian force posture, shift in India's nuclear doctrine and its growing nuclear and missile capabilities.
Lt Gen Jamil talked in detail about the Indian designs while speaking at a seminar on 'Indian Force Posture Development' organised by Strategic Vision Institute (SVI), an Islamabad based think tank on Tuesday.
Sitting for long hours is very harmful to your health and causes many more problems than just posture related issues,' Dr mentioned.
Having good posture renders confidence, it helps to build our self esteem and makes us look good, but it also benefits our health as well.
Multiclass hand posture detection is worthy of investigation for several reasons: different users may be habituated to using different postures for interaction, many application systems require multiple postures to realize different functions, and robust detection of human hand from multiple viewpoints can be achieved through multiclass hand detection by letting different posture categories represent postures captured under different viewpoints.
A proper posture is thought to be a state of musculoskeletal balance involving minimal amount of stress or strain to the body.
Body and head posture have been areas of intense research over the last decade.
Summary: Bad posture can contribute to things like disk herniation, pinched nerves, tingling, arthritic changes in the joints, and tissue getting shorter and tighter