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postpone until (some later date or time)

To delay (something) until a later date or time. A noun or pronoun can be used between "postpone" and "until" to specify what is being delayed. I was just informed that Mr. Smith has taken ill, so we had best postpone until he has recovered. We'll have to postpone the barbecue until next weekend if the weather doesn't improve.
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postpone something until something

to delay something until something happens or until a later time. Can we postpone our meeting until tomorrow? The picnic was postponed until Saturday.
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He further rubbished suggestions that the postponement was as a result of the letter written by several football clubs led by Tigers who were challenging the date set by league for the BoG and AOC saying they were manner in which the league were setting up the two meetings was not in line with the NPL's constitution.
'We're proofing our procedures so that in case lumabas 'yong postponement eh hindi naman tayo masyadong ma-compromise diyan,' he added.
According to a notification of ECP, K-P government had filed a petition in the Election Commission on June 9 seeking postponement of elections in tribal areas those are taking place on July 2.
Chair of the Committee Souhail Alouini announced the postponement of the review of the bill on equal inheritance, due to the absence of the Minister of Justice.
Apart from the reflection on the government's ability to conduct business, the postponement has been roundly criticised by both the PML-N and the PPP, neither of which have mentioned the inconvenience their members might have suffered after turning up on Friday at short notice to attend sessions of the House, only to learn of the postponement.The PPP has accused the government of postponing the sessions because it wished to promulgate an ordinance for the scheme.
Three games which ended in two draws and a defeat, so the postponement was also in their favour.
Past elections have been marred by violence, intimidation and ballot-rigging, and the postponement raised the possibility of unrest.
New Delhi [India], Dec 3 ( ANI ): Amitabh Mathur, a former adviser on Tibetan Affairs, confirmed that Karmapa Lama's absence is not the reason behind the indefinite postponement of the 13th Tibetan Religious Leaders Conference in Dharamshala.
'Unfortunately we cannot accept the postponement but should CAF agree, we have no choice but to also adhere to the directives of the football governing body.'
He however said the Nov 8 postponement of the scheduled auction had harmed his reputation as such auctions could be postponed under specific circumstances, including on court orders, over major discrepancy in specification/advertisements, and due to technical problems with the process.
He said the postponement would allow the party's election committee to rectify weaknesses that were discovered.
Rasheed had earlier filed a petition challenging the postponement of polling in NA-60, reported Express News.
'We will ask for the reason of the postponement from Malacanang tomorrow,' he said.
Kaya hindi ako nagfile ng postponement. Kung may naisip ako, papa-postpone ko rin pero wala eh (There should be a compelling reason to postpone the elections...But I cannot think of anything.