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postpone until (some later date or time)

To delay (something) until a later date or time. A noun or pronoun can be used between "postpone" and "until" to specify what is being delayed. I was just informed that Mr. Smith has taken ill, so we had best postpone until he has recovered. We'll have to postpone the barbecue until next weekend if the weather doesn't improve.
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postpone something until something

to delay something until something happens or until a later time. Can we postpone our meeting until tomorrow? The picnic was postponed until Saturday.
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The Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education Sukkur, Mirpurkhas and Larkana also postponed the exams scheduled for March 25.
The supplementary exams under Punjab Secondary Education Board for Intermediate on Nov 2 and 3 have been postponed too, said the Punjab government spokesman, adding that new dates will be announced later.
According to the sources, Prime Minister Imran Khan meeting WITH foreign Minister of Qatar was scheduled on Friday, due to which UAE's delegation postponed their visit.
The ECP had said that as it is 'bound to provide a level playing field to all candidates [...] the general election in NA-60 is postponed and will be conducted after the scheduled general elections, along with other postponed elections'.
Sheikh Rashid and Hanif Abbasi were two rival candidates in NA-60 and due to conviction of Hanif Abbasi the election has been postponed by election commission in this constituency.
Following the verdict, theECP postponed the polling in NA-60 Rawalpindi.
Thanks to the efforts of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations and Minister A aroviA, the application of the decision has been postponed and will be discussed next week.
This is the second time that Johor PPBM has postponed the party's state candidates' list.
If the elections would be postponed, Escudero raised the question on who should appoint new barangay officials.
Recto said that if the elections scheduled in May would be postponed anew, it is a 'strike three against grassroots democracy.'
'We have also considered the safety of the players, that's why the matches were postponed and will be adjusted played later during the tournament.'
Hoole said that the Local Government Elections may be postponed to February 12, or a later date, if Parliament convenes on February 8.
NORTHERN LEAGUE DIVISION ONE Jarrow Roofing v Ryhope CW - postponed Washington 1 Seaham Red Star 4 NORTHERN LEAGUE DIVISION TWO Esh Winning v Brandon United - postponed Jarrow v Alnwick Town - postponed Northallerton Town v Darlington RA - postponed
"Any notion by anyone that exercises should be postponed to achieve some kind of diplomatic engagement is wrong," Bell said, adding the two parallel drills, if postponed, should be conducted "immediately following the Olympics."
Results, Saturday, December 9: South of Scotland League: Bonnyton Thistle v Upper Annandale postponed; Dumfries YMCA 0 Lochmaben 9; Mid Annandale v Heston Rovers postponed; Newton Stewart v St Cuthbert Wanderers postponed; Stranraer 8 Annan Athletic 0.