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postpone until (some later date or time)

To delay (something) until a later date or time. A noun or pronoun can be used between "postpone" and "until" to specify what is being delayed. I was just informed that Mr. Smith has taken ill, so we had best postpone until he has recovered. We'll have to postpone the barbecue until next weekend if the weather doesn't improve.
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postpone something until something

to delay something until something happens or until a later time. Can we postpone our meeting until tomorrow? The picnic was postponed until Saturday.
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Malacanang said it is up to Congress to decide whether to postpone the elections again.
Two bills were filed in the House seeking to postpone the village and youth council elections to accommodate a plebiscite for a draft replacement to the 1987 Constitution.
Sardar Ashiq Gopang after one hour announced to postpone the meeting due to lack of quorum and regretted from the officers.
Sources said the election has been postponed citing the snow factor but reports received from that area suggest light snowfall which does not necessitate any urgency to postpone the polls.
com/drake-postpones-summer-sixteen-tour-after-ankle-injury-find-out-which-dates-have-been-2426179) last week's announcement that he would postpone and cancel some shows but would keep his upcoming shows in Brooklyn, New York and Newark, New Jersey.
A statement on the O2 Academy Birmingham website read: "Due to circumstances entirely beyond the control of both the artistes and Academy Events, we have been forced to postpone The Marcia Griffiths & Friends UK Tour.
Although it is a known fact that the cabinet does not have a constitutional or legal right to postpone general elections or extend the lifespan of the elected positions, it was understood that the government would initiate a legal process to amend the Constitution to postpone the general elections and subsequently to extend the lifespan of the elected positions.
Old Sturbridge Village will decide before noon Friday whether to postpone Independence Day fireworks there Friday at dusk.
He sent MPs a request to postpone the discussions so he could be present.
If strikes in Bangladesh intensify, then there are chances to postpone further exams in both Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia.
The decision to postpone the ceremony has been taken in consultation with Engr.
Amman, May 31 (Petra)--Minister of Municipal Affairs Maher Abul Samen predicted that the Cabinet will take a decision soon to postpone municipal elections.
BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: A lawmaker from the parliament's economic committee called for ceasing using the tariffs and postpone until further notice.
TUNIS (TAP) - The Tunis Court of Appeal decided, on Monday, to postpone the case called "Tunis-Carthage Airport" to October 24, at the request of the defence.
For this reason he proposed to postpone consideration of the objections until the next week.