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postpone until (some later date or time)

To delay (something) until a later date or time. A noun or pronoun can be used between "postpone" and "until" to specify what is being delayed. I was just informed that Mr. Smith has taken ill, so we had best postpone until he has recovered. We'll have to postpone the barbecue until next weekend if the weather doesn't improve.
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postpone something until something

to delay something until something happens or until a later time. Can we postpone our meeting until tomorrow? The picnic was postponed until Saturday.
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It is to be mentioned here that the provincial government through a letter has requested the ECP to postpone for 20 days the elections in the tribal districts, citing threats of terrorists from across the border, threats to political leadership, post-merger issues, fresh developments in North Waziristan, change of command of Levies and Khassadar from deputy commissioners to district police officers, and the Levies and Khassadars not trained to the extent to perform security duties.
Previously, Demi Lovato had to postpone her show in London, which was supposed to be held in June.
The petitioner argued that as per the Constitution, all citizens are equal in eyes of the law, but Maryam was being discriminated against by the ECP, and pleaded with the court to postpone the election in NA-127.
The President had earlier said it is up to the lawmakers to decide whether to postpone the elections again.
As such the decision by the government to postpone the general elections was popularly welcomed but within the due process of law.
The decision to postpone the ceremony has been taken in consultation with Engr.
BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: A lawmaker from the parliament's economic committee called for ceasing using the tariffs and postpone until further notice.
TUNIS (TAP) - The Tunis Court of Appeal decided, on Monday, to postpone the case called "Tunis-Carthage Airport" to October 24, at the request of the defence.
For this reason he proposed to postpone consideration of the objections until the next week.
The Egyptians have so far proposed to postpone the referendum by a few months so as to calm the situation and avoid falling into another civil war.
According to the London based Elaph, Dolly had stated that the second season of the sitcom "Shareef wa Nus", which she starred in alongside Egyptian actor Shareef Ramzi, has begun screening on the First Egyptian channel, after the entire crew decided to postpone its screening until the end of Ramadan due to the excess of television dramas released.
Summary: Beijing, Shawwal 02, 1431, Sept 11, SPA -- China has decided to postpone talks with Japan on the East China Sea issue as part of its response to the seizure of a Chinese fishing boat.
Students who reported current substance use had significantly reduced odds of believing that teenagers should postpone sexual involvement (0.4).
The decision to postpone having children until some point in the future often related to educational attainment, with those educated at vocational or university level more likely to plan to become parents than those with less education.
Postpone and prepay state income and property tax payments: Sec.