post (something) to (one)

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post (something) to (one)

To send something to one via the postal system; to mail something to one. I posted that package to you weeks ago—it must have gotten lost in the mail. I'm posting a letter to you this morning with details of our trip.
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post someone (somewhere)

to place someone, as if on guard, at something or some place. The police chief posted a guard at the hospital door. The boss posted himself at the water cooler to catch up on the gossip.

post something to someone

to mail something to someone. I posted it to him over a month ago. I can't imagine where it is now. The letter was posted last week.
See also: post, to
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Blogs are rapidly growing in popularity in the United States with nearly 12 million American adults posting to blogs and with nearly 57 million American adults reading blogs regularly (Kajder, Bull, and Van Noy 2004; Richardson 2005; EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative 2005; Marsan 2006).
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The CoS has been largely successful in obtaining favorable preliminary rulings - that the documents do contain trade secrets, that fair use does not permit their posting to the Net, and that the service providers may indeed be liable for these postings - that strike many observers (including this one) as attempts to unthinkingly jam the square peg of existing law into the round hole of the Internet.
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