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post (something) to (one)

To send something to one via the postal system; to mail something to one. I posted that package to you weeks ago—it must have gotten lost in the mail. I'm posting a letter to you this morning with details of our trip.
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post off

1. To send something through the postal service. A noun or pronoun can be used between "post" and "off." We need to post off these revised contracts ASAP! I just posted a card off this morning. I'm hoping it gets to you before your birthday.
2. obsolete To postpone or delay something needlessly; to put something off. A noun or pronoun can be used between "post" and "off." We cannot post off such vital work. It is of the utmost importance that it be completed as quickly as possible.
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post on (something)

1. To share information on a public place, thing, or platform. He spends so much time posting on social media that he has started letting his relationships in real life deteriorate. You should try posing on the notice board in the post office—I've seen a lot of great services advertised there.
2. To share a particular piece of information on a public place, thing, or platform. He posted some pretty inflammatory comments on Facebook over the weekend. We're posting pictures of our missing dog on buildings and lampposts all over town.
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post up

In basketball, to assume an offensive position between the free throw lane ("the paint") and the basket (an area known as the low post) with one's back to the basket and a defending player, so as to receive the ball in a position where one can attempt to shoot or move closer to the basket. If you've got a size advantage, post up and I'll get the ball to you.
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post something up

to record a transaction in an account. I'll post this charge up right away, and then you can check out. Please post up the charges a little later.
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The evaluation of coil posting links averaged 2.33, a value between helpful and very helpful.
This automates payment posting to the proper claim line amount and produces an error report of all discrepancies.
Alt.religion.scientology indeed became a hotbed of critical commentary on Scientology's teachings and tactics (as well as one of the Internet's most actively used discussion forums, with more than 2,700 postings per week).
To gauge gender equality in participation in web-based political science courses, we conducted a content analysis of the online discussion board postings of 453 students enrolled in multiple sections of three different comparative politics courses taught by two different instructors.
Johnston (2002) found posting student work on blogs allowed an outside community of family, other subject matter experts, and even potential employers to participate and review the public discussions/postings.
Director Staff Training Institute Mukhtiar Ahmad has been posted as Secretary Information in place of Qaiser Alam who has asked to report to administration department for further posting.
The immediate posting of judges against all the vacant posts would ease the working of the lower judiciary, Mr Warind added.
Shakeel Ahmed Bhatti Section Officer Establishment S and GAD was transferred and his services were entrusted to Lahore Development Authority DG for further posting. District Monitoring Officer Bahawalpur Rashid Iqbal was transferred and posted as Section Officer Establishment S and GAD.
KARACHI -- Inspector General of Police (IGP) Sindh has ordered the transfer and posting of 12 police officers with immediate effect.
Freed from the necessity to produce an instant reply, students may have been more likely to analyze the prior posted comments and to reflect on their proposed response before posting it to the discussion board.
Khayyam Hassan Khan, awaiting posting at the establishment department, has been posted as secretary Benevolent Fund Cell at the administration department; Dr Mohammad Ajmal, awaiting posting, posted as secretary elementary and primary education; and Syed Mohammad Shah, awaiting posting, posted as managing director Lilssail-e-Wal-Mahroom Foundation.
Pir Bakhsh Khan Jamali, a grade-22 officer of PAS is presently awaiting posting in Establishment Division is tranfered and posted as Secretary Postal Service Division.
PESHAWAR -- Chief Justice and Judges of Peshawar High Court (PHC) on Wednesday have ordered the posting and transfers of 21 Judicial Officers in the public interest.
The hypothesis that students more engaged in the course through posting messages would learn more than those less engaged deserves further research.
He was replaced by Ms Saleha Saeed, awaiting posting in the S and GAD, making her the first woman (PAS) officer ever to hold the prime post in the provincial metropolis.