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post on (something)

1. To share information on a public place, thing, or platform. He spends so much time posting on social media that he has started letting his relationships in real life deteriorate. You should try posing on the notice board in the post office—I've seen a lot of great services advertised there.
2. To share a particular piece of information on a public place, thing, or platform. He posted some pretty inflammatory comments on Facebook over the weekend. We're posting pictures of our missing dog on buildings and lampposts all over town.
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post (something) to (one)

To send something to one via the postal system. I posted that package to you weeks ago—it must have gotten lost in the mail. I'm posting a letter to you this morning with details of our trip.
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post up

In basketball, to assume an offensive position between the foul line and the basket (known as the low post) with one's back to the basket and a defending player. Post up, Johnson, post up—you're twice the size of the man covering you!
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post something up

to record a transaction in an account. I'll post this charge up right away, and then you can check out. Please post up the charges a little later.
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The evaluation of health/safety posting links averaged 3.
The evaluation of juicers posting links averaged 2.
Searches will turn up many government sites that, although not set up for discussion, provide quick, efficient postings of new rules and regulations.
For each posting read, low-GPA students improved their course grade by .
We find that active learning is possible online, that women benefit from online learning, and students overall do better when they read postings in online discussions.
It was this group of students who were more likely to begin to utilize Category "C" type comments, posting comments requesting clarification of prior student comments.
During the course of the semester, the frequency of student postings declined.
Payerpath Remittance Posting does not require the organization to have a posting module in its practice management system, so it can post remittance from any payer that can deliver an electronic remittance file.
By using the Payerpath Remittance Posting, physician practices and hospitals will quickly and cost-effectively realize the operational and financial benefits of electronic remittance posting.
Lawson Software's e-Recruiting customers will be able to select Hodes iQPost to seamlessly handle posting and job response and tracking functions.
All eQuest products offer data protected interfaces that store a company's catalog of open job requisitions; assists users in determining the correct job posting boards to advertise; allows job posting capabilities to multiple sites from one location with one click; and receives candidates' resumes and valuable tracking information.
eQuest's JobLauncher product empowers recruiters with complete control over every aspect of the job posting process.
Bergen explained that Typhoon's posting filter is an entirely new "anti-spam" solution that is "content neutral" and applied before the mass postings are distributed by their originating ISP.
The IDM technology aggregates, refreshes, and publishes jobs from multiple data sources, in a more efficient way than manual posting and refreshing.