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As quickly or promptly as possible. I need to get this application in the mail posthaste, or else my work permit is going to expire! Please report to your supervisor posthaste.


(literary) with great speed: I shall send the invitations off post-haste.This comes from the old phrase haste, post, haste, which was written on letters to tell the post (= the person taking the letters) to ride quickly to deliver them.

post haste

As quickly as possible. According to Ebenezer Brewer, in sixteenth-century England postal messengers galloping into an inn yard would cry “Post haste!” which gave them priority in selecting the horses available for their journey. Hall’s Chronicles of ca. 1548 stated, “The Duke of Somerset, with John, erle of Oxenford, wer in all post haste flying toward Scotlande.” Shakespeare used the expression in numerous plays, and despite its archaic sound and the dubious speed of present-day postal service, it remains current on both sides of the Atlantic. It is also written as one word, posthaste.
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This template works better for the antic filmmaker, so he should return to it posthaste for his upcoming flicks.
No word yet on the footwear homes of Dekline's many excellent riders (except Blake Carpenter, who jumped to the swoosh in the nick of time), but with names like Matt Bennett, Jaws Homoki and Chad Tim-Tim, expect joyful announcements posthaste.
Even a major broadsheet stated in its editorial, "We do not know whether Lacierda has joined Roxas in the latter's quest for the presidency; we assume that if he has, even informally, he would resign posthaste.
Minister al-Shaar said the government has taken a set of measures aimed at protecting the Palestinians in Syria, adding that the government is keen on the return of al-Yarmouk camp locals posthaste.
Eight Eldorado County deputies screeched up posthaste, and at first glance, it seemed the reports were true: a gruesome group of gangrenous-lookin' ghouls with huge gaping wounds and protruding broken bones were indeed mauling a screamin' female.
Tom Tancredo is a candidate who would halt illegal immigration posthaste and fight for sensible spending measures and tax policies.
If you count yourself among the few, the proud, the discerning, then Auto Legends: Classics of Style and Design is something you should secure posthaste, as it is quite simply a marvelous celebration of stunning autos, from the 1901 Olds Curved Dash Runabout (arguably not the most propitious opening; the 1907 Rolls London-Edinburgh Silver Ghost should have been the first) to the 2002 Ferrari Enzo (which author Robert Cumberford, whom you may be familiar with from his work as design editor for Automobile magazine, describes as the "ultimate art-object car"--although one doesn't ordinarily think of sculptures traveling at speeds in excess of 200 mph).
Mitchell answered Tauzin posthaste, explaining that she was unaware of the South African-bound, HIV-infected Muppet at the July 10 heating.
For instance, Maricar Reyes has languished in supporting or kontrabida roles for far too long, and should be given a lead role in a significant film posthaste.
Fadi Zyada of the Capuchin Fathers Church said that Syria is distinguished by its religious tolerance and coexistence among all of religious segments, adding that all the Syrians hope that this war will be over soon and security and stability will be restored posthaste.
Speaking of colors, Hosoi's Rising Sun Independent trucks should be shipping in glorious red and white posthaste.
She doesn't know about a Massachusetts law that requires landlords to evict tenants who use the landlord's property for "certain illegal activities," and that the landlord faces a fine or imprisonment if the eviction is not executed posthaste.