poster child

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poster child

A person (usually an adult, not a child) who typifies or is the perfect example of a particular characteristic, attitude, opinion, cause, or type of person. Pete managed to disassemble their washing machine, fix the leak, and then reassemble it all by himself? Wow, he's like the DIY poster child! Ms. Walsh built her fortune from nothing, through her own tireless work and intense ambition. She really is the poster child for the rags-to-riches American Dream.
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poster child (for something)

Fig. someone who is a classic example of a state or type of person. She is a poster child for soccer moms.
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ˈposter child/boy/girl

(American English) a person or thing that is seen as representing a particular quality or activity: My aunt sees me as the poster child for failed relationships.He’s the IT industry’s poster boy for success.
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