poster child

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poster child

A person (usually an adult, not a child) who typifies or is the perfect example of a particular characteristic, attitude, opinion, cause, or type of person. Pete managed to disassemble their washing machine, fix the problem, and then reassemble it all by himself? Wow, he's like the poster child of DIY. Ms. Walsh built her fortune from nothing, through her own tireless work and intense ambition. She really is the poster child for the rags-to-riches American Dream.
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poster child (for something)

Fig. someone who is a classic example of a state or type of person. She is a poster child for soccer moms.
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ˈposter child/boy/girl

(American English) a person or thing that is seen as representing a particular quality or activity: My aunt sees me as the poster child for failed relationships.He’s the IT industry’s poster boy for success.
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Stanley Works has the potential to become the poster child for public outrage about overseas moves to avoid taxes," says Blumenthal.
Having earned his credential in 1979, Campbell, a Republican from Irvine, says he wants to be "the poster child of CPAs in politics.
Marimba Inc, the Java poster child turned enterprise software distribution and management company got its long-awaited initial public offering away, selling Marimba sold 4.
India became the poster child for post-World War II socialism in the Third World.
The poster child of research levies is the Australian Coal Association Research Program (ACARP).
Cape Wind Associates, the company that proposed a wind farm in Nantucket Sound, has often pointed to a similar project off the coast of Denmark as a poster child for the industry (see "Legal Eagle," features, November/December 2003).
Today Bohatsch is a poster child for abstraction, a key player on the analytical-painting team.
This, despite the fact that Watts, the poster child for black Republicans, is chairman of the House Republican Conference--the No.
The recent collapse of telecommunications, the poster child of the digital world, can be explained by early indications of each of the above four trends.
Enron will likely prove to be the poster child for primary surety insurers undertaking risks they didn't fully comprehend during a strong economy/soft market," Dowling wrote.
In reality Afghanistan will become, like Kosovo before it, a poster child for the new world order, a perpetual sinkhole of warfare, terrorism, and drug trafficking under the permanent supervision of the United Nations.
What do you do when the name of your nation-wide restaurant chain has become "a poster child for racism" and you're watching all of your profit margins, as well as a loyal consumer base, swirl down a drain of bad public relations?
Polycystic ovary disease is the poster child for insulin resistance," Glueck says.