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As quickly or promptly as possible. I need to get this application in the mail posthaste, or else my work permit is going to expire! Please report to your supervisor posthaste.
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(literary) with great speed: I shall send the invitations off post-haste.This comes from the old phrase haste, post, haste, which was written on letters to tell the post (= the person taking the letters) to ride quickly to deliver them.
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post haste

As quickly as possible. According to Ebenezer Brewer, in sixteenth-century England postal messengers galloping into an inn yard would cry “Post haste!” which gave them priority in selecting the horses available for their journey. Hall’s Chronicles of ca. 1548 stated, “The Duke of Somerset, with John, erle of Oxenford, wer in all post haste flying toward Scotlande.” Shakespeare used the expression in numerous plays, and despite its archaic sound and the dubious speed of present-day postal service, it remains current on both sides of the Atlantic. It is also written as one word, posthaste.
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Their travel documents were processed post-haste. The new measures ensure that visitors disembark smoothly and receive convenient services to enhance their experience and project Qatar's position as an attractive tourism destination in the region.
As such, the yet-to-be-realized proposition called for by the government to mainstream madrassas under its regulation and supervision holds imperative significance and should be implemented post-haste. Where the PTI has demonstrated a disposition ranging from feigned ignorance and avid pandering to the religio-political ilk, once in office, the maiden ruling party has to take a decisive stand on all such sensitive issues, or continue risking the lives and safety of innocent children first and then the public at large.
Imran will post-haste need to translate his basic victory speech promising to lift the common man out of poverty by undertaking the do-able, such as radically slashing non-development expenditure including motorcade protocols, wasteful and lavish perks, privileges, on-the-house tours and travels by public servants, and meaningless social get-togethers and parties.
Over the seven decades of its independence, India is being constantly jolted into the realisation of this bitter reality, and the latest admonishment from the Supreme Court to the government to either attend to the deterioration of the Taj Mahal post-haste or tear it down is a testimony to the severity of the problem.
Braganza, on instructions of Bello and Dureza, said he had gone to Utrecht post-haste where Sison has been in exile for over three decades.
If President Duterte has an iota of decency left in him, he should fire this purveyor of fake news post-haste.
In Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui's case, the complaint states, it was held that, 'If a person looses or abandons the necessary attributes of a judge of integrity, probity, legal expertise and mental balance then he is not entitled to any security of tenure and must be weeded out post-haste with surgical precision through due process in terms of Article 209 of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.'
This same thinking can again be found instrumental in the post-haste merging of the Junoobi Suba Mahaz in the PTI.
She also despatched post-haste PFIobsessed George Osborne and the treacherous Michael Gove who, although denying it, would have loved her job.
ANKARA, May 6 (KUNA) -- Kuwait-based Al-Najat Charitable Society announced on Friday it would send humanitarian aid post-haste to those residents of the Syrian city of Aleppo who are caught up in the current strife there.
The pressing issue is now not who is right or wrong, it is about convincing FIFA to reverse its decision post-haste.
With the A55 and M4 already built a "motorway" network should be completed post-haste to spread economic benefits throughout Wales.
e alarmed Wilson went post-haste to see the then Director-General of the BBC, Sir Hugh Greene, and persuaded him to remove Steptoe from its scheduled slot.
The centre supplies accredited agents and clients with original spare parts, post-haste, with suitable prices.
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