post to

post (something) to (one)

To send something to one via the postal system; to mail something to one. I posted that package to you weeks ago—it must have gotten lost in the mail. I'm posting a letter to you this morning with details of our trip.
See also: post

post something to someone

to mail something to someone. I posted it to him over a month ago. I can't imagine where it is now. The letter was posted last week.
See also: post
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Shortly after Wilkins joined the Post to write editorials in 1971, he was having lunch with Greenfield, then deputy editor of the editorial page.
13 OMITTED], who will cut off the screen, look for the ball, and then continue over to the opposite low post to screen for 5.
Corporate solidarity has led the Post to close ranks -- in editorials and in federal court -- with foes of product liability.
Don't allow post to turn his shoulders (eliminate half the floor).
Post 5 slides high to face the ball and 4 slides to the low post to assume a vertical relationship with the ball.