post haste


As quickly or promptly as possible. I need to get this application in the mail posthaste, or else my work permit is going to expire! Please report to your supervisor posthaste.
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(literary) with great speed: I shall send the invitations off post-haste.This comes from the old phrase haste, post, haste, which was written on letters to tell the post (= the person taking the letters) to ride quickly to deliver them.
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post haste

As quickly as possible. According to Ebenezer Brewer, in sixteenth-century England postal messengers galloping into an inn yard would cry “Post haste!” which gave them priority in selecting the horses available for their journey. Hall’s Chronicles of ca. 1548 stated, “The Duke of Somerset, with John, erle of Oxenford, wer in all post haste flying toward Scotlande.” Shakespeare used the expression in numerous plays, and despite its archaic sound and the dubious speed of present-day postal service, it remains current on both sides of the Atlantic. It is also written as one word, posthaste.
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References in classic literature ?
"Then, brother," I replied, "you can return to your China, post haste or at whatever haste you are bound to go, as I am not fit for so long a travel and, besides being ill, I am very much without money, while Emperor for Emperor and Monarch for Monarch, I have at Naples the great Count of Lemos, who, without so many petty titles of colleges and rectorships, sustains me, protects me and does me more favour than I can wish for."
We should get rid of the 'open skies' policy post haste. PIA should be handed over to a competent executive from within the airline with 20 or 30 years' service.
The parents eventually obtained a court order forcing the district to make a decision on the IEP "post haste" based on the information and medical evaluations already presented.
She can hope that EU leaders will recognise that her proposals are the best they can expect and that once they have huffed and puffed for the benefit of domestic audiences they will instruct Michel Barnier to nail down a deal post haste.
And I should stop my yapping, and make my way to the nearest outdoor purveyor, of drinks, post haste.
If the party still wants to stay true to the raison d'etre of their existence, they must do a wholesale 'makeover' post haste, before their substantial financial assets are depleted.
We hope the agency would act on it post haste or before the opening of classes in June to alleviate our worsening traffic woes.
The leadership in Pakistan must become cognizant post haste of the reality on the ground and revert to its ideology by returning the power to the people in real value terms.
With camera in hand, she left for the beleaguered city post haste. Each of FiliAEs chapters describe the signAEs style with a page explaining its topic.
In the last few weeks, I have spokenwith many gurus from the industry, and they felt marketing and communication is a topic that should be addressed post haste.
Expect their elementary-school portraits to adorn decks on your local shop's walls post haste! In other am-to-pro news, Cliche has moved Max Geronzi up the ladder--perhaps due in small part to his Heads interview in this very issue--and Cody Lockwood now has a signature sled on Lifeblood.
Approval of budget is one of the very important functions of our assemblies but it is done in post haste, the CPDI added.
But the idea whistles true for every organization plugged into the digital world; every one of those areas needs to be considered, planned for, and implemented post haste."
A few days after his autobiography appeared in 2010, I asked George, " How long did it take you to write the book?" His answer was, " About 83 years." His latest book, Post Haste: Quintessential India is unique.
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