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beyond the realm(s) of possibility

Impossible. With my low test grades, I think that getting an A in this class is beyond the realms of possibility.
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leave open the possibility of (something or doing something)

To maintain or create the possibility of something (happening in the future); to not prevent something (from taking place at some point). We parted ways, but we left open the possibility of working together again sometime.
See also: leave, of, open, possibility

within the bounds of possibility

Possible. You worked so hard this semester that I think an A is within the bounds of possibility.
See also: bound, of, possibility, within

within the realm(s) of possibility

Possible; capable of happening. You worked so hard this semester that I think an A is within the realm of possibility.
See also: of, possibility, within
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beyond/within the realms of possiˈbility

impossible/possible: A successful outcome is not beyond the realms of possibility.
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* The condition they choose is the biggest barrier to choosing the possibility under consideration.
The invisible space of possibility becomes most apparent in life's threshold experiences, in philosophical reflection, or in questions that decenter us and disclose the human desire for something New, as an unformed longing of consciousness.
- possibility to settle an agreement with creditors in order to eliminate the bankruptcy proceedings;
There was an interaction between type of connective and type of possibility, F(2.231, 78.08) = 4.05, MSE = .18, p<.02, [eta]p2 = .10.
Nazarian also discussed with Norwegian Ambassador Svein ss the current program with Norway and the possibility of renewing it.
Women, on the other hand, showed almost the same results as 95 to 99 percent of the respondents said that there is "no possibility" of getting into same sex relationships.
George Bernard Shaw explains the possibility thinking in the following words: You see things and you say 'Why'?
Istvan's book entitled, A betegseg--az elo letlehetosege / Illness--A Possibility of the Living Being, issued in 2011 at Kalligram Publishing House, Pozsony and written in Hungarian, but also comprising an unusually detailed and comprehensive summary in English represents a prolegomena to the philosophy of human illness.
Further in the text as possibilities of effect (or effectiveness) determining rule of portfolio or asset a survival function will be used, each point of which denotes a numerical value of effect possibility and reliability or guarantee P{[xi] [greater than or equal to] x} = g of this value.
Step 2 defining the extent of maximum loss and its probability which may be used for integral evaluation of possibility and its confidence deserves special attention.
Minister of Local Administration Tamer Al-Hajje replied to written questions by the Assembly's members on the possibility of restoring the reserved beach of Lattakia and finding open spaces for tourism.
However, the new protocol includes a clause, which allows for the possibility to introduce new fishing possibilities, including for longliners, should the need arise.
Media, Learning, and Sites of Possibility. New York: Peter Lang, 2008.
One possibility, and it's a good one, is the non-rechargeable lithium-manganese dioxide battery, BA-5367/U, NSN 6135-01-507-1135.
CONTENTS I Introduction II Section 38(2) of the Crimes Act 1958 (Vic) III Inadvertence and Indifference Recklessness A Inadvertence Recklessness B Indifference Recklessness IV Possibility Recklessness V Looking beyond s 38(2) VI Conclusion I INTRODUCTION