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within the bounds of possibility

Possible. You worked so hard this semester that I think an A is within the bounds of possibility.
See also: bound, of, possibility, within

leave open the possibility of (something or doing something)

To maintain or create the possibility of something (happening in the future); to not prevent something (from taking place at some point). We parted ways, but we left open the possibility of working together again sometime.
See also: leave, of, open, possibility

beyond the realm(s) of possibility

Impossible. With my low test grades, I think that getting an A in this class is beyond the realms of possibility.
See also: beyond, of, possibility

within the realm(s) of possibility

Possible; capable of happening. You worked so hard this semester that I think an A is within the realm of possibility.
See also: of, possibility, within

beyond/within the realms of possiˈbility

impossible/possible: A successful outcome is not beyond the realms of possibility.
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"If you do, they run you ragged and create even more possibilities.
Possibilities for Design received its third award for the Ralston model home in Toll Brothers' community of Flatiron Meadows in Erie, in the category of homes priced from $550,000 to $700,000.
Using the Workplace Possibilities program, Margaret Nielsen, employee health and wellness lead nurse at Regions Hospital, connects employees with the proper resources and support when dealing with a health condition.
Applauding Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Singh said that the prime minister's speech on the possibilities of food processing was unique.
One will know that he/she has a solid set of possibilities for further work if two truisms are evident: (1) The status quo option doesn't look like a brilliant idea & (2) At least one possibility makes most of the group uncomfortable.
It has patience with contradiction because there it glimpses new possibilities." (8) Imagination "illuminate[s] the inner landscapes of our lives," (9) permitting us to see beyond what appears fixed and unchangeable in the outer.
The first principle is that people keep in mind only true possibilities ('truth principle').
Being revealed and described by the author in a similar manner with the way death is conceived in sein und Zeit, illness is evidently one of these existential possibilities.
It is necessary for selected methods in future possibilities discussion, as well as for core concepts clearly to associate with analysed objects, processes and decisions made.
Structural elements of marketing, denoted as 4P, 7P or other P number, which can be used as the centres of risk costs, offer exceptional possibilities to this activity.
Assuming for the moment that we can make sense of the distinction between real and theoretical possibilities, in my proofreading example the possibility of a typographical error is real, not theoretical.
Think of the present and future possibilities: your pre-college student could take a lesson from a music professor 600 miles away and even audition for college scholarships and program admittance without leaving his or her hometown.
The combination of this machine technology with the company's capabilities in liquid silicone rubber (LSR) and multi-component molding allows molders to take advantage of unlimited cost savings and design possibilities not available previously in all-electric machinery.
Exploring the implementation of a newer, more constructive international power and civil worldly and societal union, A Civil Republic studies the overwhelming and profound possibilities for economic, political, and international future.
They firmly insist on the importance of interregional contacts for many ordinary people, whose geographical range may sometimes surpass that of elites, and they suggest possibilities for discussing hybrid class formations for people on the move.