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within the bounds of possibility

Possible. You worked so hard this semester that I think an A is within the bounds of possibility.
See also: bound, of, possibility, within

leave open the possibility of (something or doing something)

To maintain or create the possibility of something (happening in the future); to not prevent something (from taking place at some point). We parted ways, but we left open the possibility of working together again sometime.
See also: leave, of, open, possibility

beyond the realm(s) of possibility

Impossible. With my low test grades, I think that getting an A in this class is beyond the realms of possibility.
See also: beyond, of, possibility

within the realm(s) of possibility

Possible; capable of happening. You worked so hard this semester that I think an A is within the realm of possibility.
See also: of, possibility, within

beyond/within the realms of possiˈbility

impossible/possible: A successful outcome is not beyond the realms of possibility.
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istvan conceives health and illness as reciprocal possibilities, in the sense that the energeia of health contains the dynamis, the possibility of illness and the other way round.
Outsiders are often in a far better position than emotionally threatened insiders to logically examine the alternatives and suggest possibilities for igniting the change process described above.
Does it teach young people the difference between the partnership and dominator models as two basic human possibilities and the feasibility of creating a partnership way of life?
In this sense, "Odyssey of Big Boy" addresses the dynamics of individual and collective history; it exults the challenge to rationalize, reshape, and rediscover the past and, by extension, the challenge to discover expansive possibilities for the future.
Once again, the sale of MACRS real property at a gain for RIT purposes but at a loss for PA-AMTI and ACE purposes (due to identical bases for both computations) may suggest other planning possibilities.
2] There is a time for exploring, for wandering, for opening up new possibilities.
Once we recognized that this particular transition could do it, we realized that particle physics offers other possibilities for a late phase transition," Schramm says.
I don't know if we know what the possibilities are now.
The wave function represents nothing physical; it represents the observer's knowledge of the state of the system, and its collapse reduces a host of knowable possibilities to a single one.
But discussions and possibilities, to say nothing of recommendations by various panels and advisory groups, are a long way from making decisions to do something.
SolidWorks software enabled Little Tikes Commercial to explore different design possibilities for the Infinity to arrive at the perfect combination of form and function (such as correct handhold placement) to increase climbing options and fun.
The update is warranted given the progress in permitting, opportunities to optimise the results of the previous study, and to evaluate options to incorporate flexibility for longer term production possibilities," said Mr.
Pace-setting technologies, high-reliability/performance computing and telecommunications platforms, and a worldwide corps of systems and services experts make Fujitsu uniquely positioned to unleash the infinite possibilities of the broadband Internet to help its customers succeed.
procreate is a new line of products geared specifically for powering and extending the possibilities of design.