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give a sneck posset

archaic To give a rejection, refusal, or cold reception. Primarily heard in UK. Milton set to drinking in the town's tavern after his wealthy distant relations gave a sneck posset.
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sneck posset

archaic A rejection, refusal, or cold reception; a closed door (as on a visitor). Primarily heard in UK. After receiving a veritable sneck posset from his wealthy distant relations, Milton set to drinking in the town's tavern for want of any other recourse.
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To finish, spoon a good helping of the strawberries on top of each posset and serve with shortbread
I've eaten an unrivalled quantity of possets, macarons, tarts, trifles, cheesecakes charlottes and cobblers
Serve each posset with a spoonful of compote and a palmier or two.
PER POSSET WITH 1 TBSP COMPOTE 970 kcals * protein 2g * carbs 58g * fat 81g * sat fat 50g * fibre none * sugar 58g * salt 0.1g
Maybe a posset would do the trick after all - at least I'd have to read the Box of Delights to find out how to make one.
The 'them' whom she refers to are the King's two personal servants, his 'grooms.' She has given each of them a 'posset,' a mixture of wine and milk.
Sweet but tangy at the same time, this lemon posset doesn't rely on a lot of fancy ingredients but a little goes a long way so serve it in small portions.
TV DINNERS By John Gillespie, head chef of Urban Bar and Brasserie in Glasgow LEMON POSSET WITH STEWED BERRIES AND ROSEMARY SERVES 6 900ml double cream 200g sugar Juice and zest of three lemons 300g of berries Large sprig rosemary After you have spent a lot of time on the first two courses of a meal it can sometimes be too much of an effort when it comes to dessert.
Lemon posset is a mixture of cream, lemon juice and sugar.
If you don't fancy the rest of the recipe, dip in shop-bought shortbread fingers and delight in the deliciousness of posset.
CHRISTMASMENU Sherry and tomato soup with baked rolls OR Double smoked salmon rolls with Melba toast Turkey Roast potatoes Selection of vegetables Yorkshire puds Sage and onion stuffing balls Gravy OR Pepper, mushroom and walnut loaf with garlic and herb cream sauce Christmas pudding with brandy sauce ORLemon posset with raspberries Cheese and biscuits Mince pies with extra thick brandy cream Stollen Bites or chocolate truffles SALMON ROLLS AND MELBA TOAST PREP: 15 MINS COOK: 15 MINS SERVES: 4-6 Ingredients 10 slices medium sliced bread 500g pack of smoked salmon 2 x 125g Almare hot smoked salmon fillets with dill 100ml Cowbelle creme fraiche 50g Bramwells mayonnaise Juice of 1 lemon Lettuce leaves to dress Method Heat the grill to a high temperature.
LEMON POSSET WITH RASPBERRIES PREP: 5 MINS COOK: 5 MINS PLUS COOLING SERVES: 6 Ingredients 4 lemons 2 x 284ml McCallums double cream 1 x packet 300g Frozen Four Seasons raspberries 130g The Pantry caster sugar Method Grate the rind from two of the lemons.