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sneck posset

archaic A rejection, refusal, or cold reception; a closed door (as on a visitor). Primarily heard in UK. After receiving a veritable sneck posset from his wealthy distant relations, Milton set to drinking in the town's tavern for want of any other recourse.
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give a sneck posset

archaic To give a rejection, refusal, or cold reception. Primarily heard in UK. Milton set to drinking in the town's tavern after his wealthy distant relations gave a sneck posset.
See also: give, posset, sneck
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Lemon possets are incredibly quick and easy to make and one that always impresses last-minute guests.
Clementine possets with cranberry compote & cinnamon palmiers
Chill the posset mix in an iced water bath until cool.
2) Eggnog can be traced back to an old English drink called posset.
Their drink was an adaptation of a Posset, a medicinal drink made by monks during the Middle Ages.
In this book Franz Posset sets out to examine a figure underrepresented in Renaissance studies: the humanistic monk.
German-American scholar of historical theology Posset describes the works of humanists who lived in monasteries around 1500, as distinct from other social groups within the humanist movement.
Among the group of scholars dealing with this question German-born Franz Posset holds a prominent position.
Of Luther's motives for entering the order, Posset suggests that a not insignificant one may have been Luther's desire to avoid prosecution for having killed a fellow student in a duel.
It featured a creamy and wonderfully subtle lemon posset - so often spoiled by being too sharp and zesty, this was like a sweet palate cleanser en route to its duo of decadent counterparts.
Mine was wild berry Eton mess with chantilly cream, while Ruth also went light with homemade lemon posset.
Spoon the mushroom sauce over the steaks and serve delicious dessert LEMON & LIME POSSET WITH SESAME SHARDS AND FRESH BLUEBERRIES (SERVES 4) INGREDIENTS For the posset: 500ml/17.
Jim passed on dessert but the salted popcorn posset, with candied bacon and pecan brittle, had me intrigued.
There are new puddings too, with lemon posset with chocolate crumble and blueberry compote (PS4.
INGREDIENTS FOR THE POSSET: | 500ml double cream | 150g caster sugar | 75g lemon juice (about 2 lemons) | Optional - raspberries and a dusting of icing sugar, for decorating FOR THE ALMOND TUILES: | One medium egg white | 40g caster sugar | 20g plain flour | 25g salted butter | Flaked almonds, for scattering METHOD 1 First, make your possets.