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think positive

To focus on optimistic, upbeat thoughts. Oh, think positive—there's no reason to believe you won't get the job.
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(I've) seen better.

a noncommittal and not very positive judgment about something or someone. Alice: How did you like the movie? John: I've seen better. Bill: What do you think about this weather? Bob: Seen better.
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think positive

Be optimistic, concentrate on the good rather than the bad, as in It's true you were fired but think positive-now you can look for a job you really like . This expression comes from the psychological doctrine of positive thinking, which gained currency with Norman Vincent Peale's popular book, The Power of Positive Thinking (1953). [Second half of 1900s]
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proof ˈpositive

definite or convincing proof: It’s proof positive of her belief in the company that she’s investing her own money in it.
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think ˈpositive

think in a confident way about what you can do: If you don’t think positive, you won’t win. ▶ ˌpositive ˈthinking noun: He believes in the power of positive thinking.
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Barnabooth, on the other hand, is a symbol of wealth, of positiveness.
Now with this team and Hunter coming along, it is a very big positive for our school, and our community is rallying around that positiveness.
They lacked the quality of positiveness because they were not understood, formulated, or obeyed as something apart from the concrete relationships that established an individual's identity and social place.
He said: "The real positive attitude, the forward thinking, the aggression, the positiveness that he brought to the Australian team was huge.
Although my fears remained it was wonderful to see how all the staff approached not only my uncle but his family with a positiveness and caring attitude that helped put us all at ease.
The distance function d has the following properties: positiveness (d(x, y) [greater than or equal to] 0), symmetry (d(x, y) = d(y, x)), reflexivity (d(x, x) = 0), strict positiveness ([for all]x, y [member of] X, x[not equal to]y [?
Neville added: "There's a lot of positiveness but I was actually a little bit disappointed after the (first leg) game with our performance.
THERE is no positiveness in the future takeover of another part of our car industry by another foreign business.
The very sordidness of war, the whole demeaning process of its rapacity, had cheated man of any positiveness of a tragic vision, of something valuable and lasting in life and in the universe, some conception of wisdom and regeneration.
The walls of the studio are plastered with photos of young students working with local groups--the smiles belie the incredible difficulties the villagers have faced since the disaster, but they also highlight a new positiveness, thanks to the local students that Tui's team has trained to find self-help solutions to the livelihood, environmental and social challenges facing these people.
They are replaced with steadfastness, righteousness / and / positiveness.
Thus, positiveness embraces the assumption that humans have an intrinsic desire to self-realize--to express their capacities to the fullest extent.
If working together, even through gritted teeth, helps to rebuild the quality and positiveness of political campaigning in Wales, that will have helped all of us.