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think positive

To be optimistic, especially about a particular situation. Oh, think positive—there's no reason to believe you won't get the job.
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proof positive

Concrete, inarguable proof (of something). A surprisingly large number of people feel there still isn't proof positive that the earth is a globe. I need proof positive of his commitment to me before I'll agree to marriage.
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body positive

Having or intended to have the effect of encouraging a positive view of one's body that focuses on overall wellbeing and self worth, as opposed to being self-critical or adhering to unhealthy trends or societal views of beauty. I try to maintain a body positive mindset, but it's hard when the media bombards us with idealized images of female beauty. It's nice to see some body positive advertising for once.
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(I've) seen better.

a noncommittal and not very positive judgment about something or someone. Alice: How did you like the movie? John: I've seen better. Bill: What do you think about this weather? Bob: Seen better.
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think positive

Be optimistic, concentrate on the good rather than the bad, as in It's true you were fired but think positive-now you can look for a job you really like . This expression comes from the psychological doctrine of positive thinking, which gained currency with Norman Vincent Peale's popular book, The Power of Positive Thinking (1953). [Second half of 1900s]
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proof ˈpositive

definite or convincing proof: It’s proof positive of her belief in the company that she’s investing her own money in it.
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think ˈpositive

think in a confident way about what you can do: If you don’t think positive, you won’t win. ▶ ˌpositive ˈthinking noun: He believes in the power of positive thinking.
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He hypothesized that expectations about handshakes would change how positively people rated social interactions in the videos.
As you head down the path of creating positively memorable experiences with each franchisee, be sure to consider all touch points, even those beyond the obvious mediums of in-person, by phone and via email.
8220;We're thrilled to have Rebecca and Positively Primal as our exclusive caterer at this event,” says Jim McIntyre, a coach at CrossFit 914.
For the negatively framed dilemmas, bipolar disorder patients made fewer risky choices to avoid probable losses, whereas the controls made more risk-seeking choices in response to the negatively framed dilemmas, compared with the positively framed ones.
Blacks also view his wife Hillary Clinton positively, with 84% rating her favorably and only 10% unfavorably.
Shaun Thomson, an 18-year-old business-management major at the University of Arizona, said Kropf's Positively Waiting presentation changed his outlook.
In an early study of middle school students, Pintrich and De Groot (1990) found that students' self-efficacy beliefs were positively related to their cognitive engagement and academic performance.
By contrast, for whites, exposure to sexual media was positively associated with precoital sexual activity in the initial analysis, and the association remained significant when the psychosocial variables were added to the model.
Gero Decher, now at the Louis Pasteur University and the Charles Sadron Institute in Strasbourg, France, reported making multilayered films using positively and negatively charged polymers, called polyelectrolytes.
Kamel and colleagues found that the variant allele (ALAD 2) of the polymorphism denoted as ALAD K59N was positively associated with an approximate twofold increase in risk of ALS after adjustment for age, sex, region, education, and physical activity.
Classroom observations revealed that telling students information and engaging them in recitation were negatively related to reading growth in grades two through six, whereas active responding was positively related to reading growth in grades four through six.
The PEMs coatings are alternating positively and negatively charged polymer layers that are held in place by electrostat ic interactions.
Considering that wholesale SONET leased lines are often preferred in this expansion, the growth of wireless technology is expected to positively impact the wholesale SONET services markets for the next few years.
uk MADE from old soda bottles, silvered by hand, this antiqued lamp positively oozes style.