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think positive

To be optimistic, especially about a particular situation. Oh, think positive—there's no reason to believe you won't get the job.
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proof positive

Proof that definitively confirms something; undeniable proof (of something). This document—signed by the defendant—is proof positive that he authorized the transfer of funds. If you're looking for proof positive, you're not going to find it. Some things just don't have a definite answer.
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body positive

Having or intended to have the effect of encouraging a positive view of one's body that focuses on overall wellbeing and self worth, as opposed to being self-critical or adhering to unhealthy trends or societal views of beauty. I try to maintain a body positive mindset, but it's hard when the media bombards us with idealized images of female beauty. It's nice to see some body positive advertising for once.
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(I've) seen better.

a noncommittal and not very positive judgment about something or someone. Alice: How did you like the movie? John: I've seen better. Bill: What do you think about this weather? Bob: Seen better.
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think positive

Be optimistic, concentrate on the good rather than the bad, as in It's true you were fired but think positive-now you can look for a job you really like . This expression comes from the psychological doctrine of positive thinking, which gained currency with Norman Vincent Peale's popular book, The Power of Positive Thinking (1953). [Second half of 1900s]
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proof ˈpositive

definite or convincing proof: It’s proof positive of her belief in the company that she’s investing her own money in it.
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think ˈpositive

think in a confident way about what you can do: If you don’t think positive, you won’t win. ▶ ˌpositive ˈthinking noun: He believes in the power of positive thinking.
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The Positive Phil Show is a Popular Podcast About Staying Positive.
6 : being greater than zero and often shown by a plus sign <2 or +2 is a positive number.
The new study, which appears in the November/December Psychosomatic Medicine, replicates those results and rules out the possibility that psychological traits related to a positive emotional style, rather than the emotions themselves, guard against cold symptoms.
In comparing attitudes of various professionals toward students with disabilities, Yuker (1994) reported few differences among the attitudes of regular education teachers, special education teachers, administrators, and other educators toward students with disabilities, but he did not state whether their attitudes tended to be positive or negative.
In our study, immunohistochemical techniques had a sensitivity of 75%, a specificity of 100%, and a positive predictive value of 100%.
The labs that serve the insurance industry have studied the prevalence of cases where the insured denies tobacco/nicotine, the screening test is positive and a negative GC/MS contradicts that screening test.
The use of a positive approach to discipline is supported by research on classroom management and discipline.
A return to business as usual in terms of new corporate commitments factored heavily in Fairfield County's positive feeling in the first three quarters of the year.
One of the most interesting positive synergistic effects over the past several years has been the use of alum in alkaline papermaking.
Shortstop David Eckstein, the current player rep, said identifying first- time offenders is dangerous because of the possibility of false positive tests.
We consider a framework for detection and judgment of evidence of well-characterized hazards, using the concepts of sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value, and negative predictive value that are well established for medical diagnosis.
This has led some people to regard Humanists as habitual naysayers with nothing positive to contribute.
and foreign-born clients were similar (29 and 30 years, respectively), as were the proportions who were female (38% and 42%) and the proportions who tested positive for HIV (1.
To say the least, the newspaper and TV coverage were not positive looks into the metalcasting world.