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think positive

To be optimistic, especially about a particular situation. Oh, think positive—there's no reason to believe you won't get the job.
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proof positive

Proof that definitively confirms something; undeniable proof (of something). This document—signed by the defendant—is proof positive that he authorized the transfer of funds. If you're looking for proof positive, you're not going to find it. Some things just don't have a definite answer.
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body positive

Having or intended to have the effect of encouraging a positive view of one's body that focuses on overall wellbeing and self worth, as opposed to being self-critical or adhering to unhealthy trends or societal views of beauty. I try to maintain a body positive mindset, but it's hard when the media bombards us with idealized images of female beauty. It's nice to see some body positive advertising for once.
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(I've) seen better.

a noncommittal and not very positive judgment about something or someone. Alice: How did you like the movie? John: I've seen better. Bill: What do you think about this weather? Bob: Seen better.
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think positive

Be optimistic, concentrate on the good rather than the bad, as in It's true you were fired but think positive-now you can look for a job you really like . This expression comes from the psychological doctrine of positive thinking, which gained currency with Norman Vincent Peale's popular book, The Power of Positive Thinking (1953). [Second half of 1900s]
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proof ˈpositive

definite or convincing proof: It’s proof positive of her belief in the company that she’s investing her own money in it.
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think ˈpositive

think in a confident way about what you can do: If you don’t think positive, you won’t win. ▶ ˌpositive ˈthinking noun: He believes in the power of positive thinking.
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think positive

Concentrate on the bright side, on what is constructive and good; ignore the negative aspect. This exhortation comes from Norman Vincent Peale’s inspirational best-seller, The Power of Positive Thinking (1953). Although the idea had been developed by numerous psychologists of the early twentieth century, the term itself became current after the publication of Dr. Peale’s book.
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Positive ETT was defined as point that is 80ms from the J point (depression of 0.1 mV (1mm) or more and/or an ST-segment slope within the range of +- 1mV/s in 3 consecutive beats) in patients with typical chest pain (for >30minutes on rest).
'Keep your thoughts positive, because your thoughts become your words.
In the present study, mean and standard deviation of triglyceride (in mg/dl) of A positive blood group is 120.30 [+ or -] 12.64.
The Positive Phil Show is a Popular Podcast About Staying Positive.
There are similar chapters describing the application of positive psychiatry to other populations, such as children and minorities, and how to apply the approach to everyday clinical practice.
Being "age positive" is also a vital part of Age Cymru's vision to create an age friendly Wales.
The BHA said that, with the exception of one case, the circumstances of the positive samples were very similar and "point to the source of the positive test being contaminated horse feed".
The positive cards should be in the 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15 positions in the box.
I've just returned from the First World Congress on Positive Psychology in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
1 : fully confident : certain <I'm positive that I will win.>
2 Class A notes rated 'BBB+', Rating Watch Positive; Class B notes rated 'BB', Rating Watch Positive; Class C notes rated 'B', Rating Watch Positive; and Class D notes rated 'CCC/DR1', Rating Watch Positive; are withdrawn.
The Philosophy of Positive Law: Foundations of Jurisprudence.
"We need to take more seriously the possibility that a positive emotional style is a major player in disease risk," says psychologist Sheldon Cohen, the study's lead researcher.
People with generally positive outlooks show greater resistance to developing colds than do individuals who rarely revel in upbeat feelings, a new investigation finds.