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pose a challenge

To stand as an obstacle or problem. Well, having a room on the third floor does pose a challenge if you're gonna try to sneak out the window. Your parents will be asleep by then—why not just use the back door? The lack of funding definitely poses a challenge, but we'll just have to keep working on this research as best we can with the money we have.
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pose a question

To raise, present, or imply a question of some kind. Modifiers are often used between "pose" and "question" to indicate or specify the type or nature of the questions being raised, presented, or implied. I'd like to pose a question for you: What do we do when this water supply runs out? The report poses several serious questions about the legality of the president's plan.
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pose as (someone or something)

To present or portray oneself falsely as a different person or type of person. Someone posing as a security guard managed to sneak in and steal a bunch of company secrets. You only studied psychology for a single semester, so stop posing as some sort of expert on the topic!
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pose for (someone or something)

1. To strike and hold a particular pose so that one may be photographed or painted (by someone). I've been trying to find a new model to pose for me. I hate posing for pictures—it always feels so forced!
2. To arrange a person or thing into a particular pose before being photographed or painted (by someone). The camera man posed me for the photoshoot. My job is to pose the food for promotional photographs, making it look as delicious as possible.
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strike a pose

To assume a dramatic or exaggerated bodily attitude or position, as for a photograph or portrait. After the serious wedding photos were finished, everyone struck a silly pose for a funny picture. I always feel awkward striking a pose for these publicity shots. It always feels so forced.
See also: pose, strike

strike an attitude

To assume a dramatic or exaggerated bodily attitude or position, as for a photograph or portrait. After the serious wedding photos were finished, everyone struck a silly attitude for a funny picture. I always feel awkward striking an attitude for these publicity shots. It always feels so forced.
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pose a question

to ask a question; to imply the need for asking a question. Genetic research poses many ethical questions. My interviewer posed a hypothetical question.
See also: pose, question

pose as someone

to pretend to be someone else. The impostor posed as the president of the company. My twin posed as me while I went on vacation.
See also: pose

pose as someone or something

to pretend to be someone or a type of person. I posed as Gerald and got the job. I posed as a nurse and got a job at a summer camp.
See also: pose

pose for someone or something

to assume a posture appropriate to the subject of a photograph or painting. Paul wanted me to pose for him, but I declined. Will you pose for my painting?
See also: for, pose

strike a pose

to position oneself in a certain posture. Bob struck a pose in front of the mirror to see how much he had bulked up. Lisa walked into the room and struck a pose, hoping she would be noticed.
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strike a ˈpose/an ˈattitude

sit, stand or lie in a position in order to attract attention: He was striking a pose, leaning against the ship’s rail.
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