pose for

pose for (someone or something)

1. To strike and hold a particular pose so that one may be photographed or painted (by someone). I've been trying to find a new model to pose for me. I hate posing for pictures—it always feels so forced!
2. To arrange a person or thing into a particular pose before being photographed or painted (by someone). The camera man posed me for the photoshoot. My job is to pose the food for promotional photographs, making it look as delicious as possible.
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pose for someone or something

to assume a posture appropriate to the subject of a photograph or painting. Paul wanted me to pose for him, but I declined. Will you pose for my painting?
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In the photo series posted on her Instagram account, Maymay seemed to be teaching her followers how to professionally pose for pictures.
1 / 10 World leaders pose for a group photo at the opening of the G20 Summit hosted by US President George W.
The region of the detected object contains only one person and estimates the pose for only one person respectively.
Hold the pose for two to three breaths; slowly return to standing.
Breathe deeply and stay in this pose for up to three minutes.
'Visual analysis of eye state and head pose for driver alertness monitoring', IEEE Trans.
"I try to hold each pose for 30 to 60 seconds or five to 10 deep breaths," she says.
The X Factor judge swapped the colourful outfits she normally wears for these sexy dark outfits to pose for mono photos in a magazine shoot.
GUIDE TO POSING is thus an essential guide in any pro photographer's toolkit: it covers the basics of good posing, how to pose for best expressions and flattering results, and how to pose different people from kids to brides.
"I am an Iyengar instructor and a standing pose is about strength." Dollar also chooses the most difficult pose for this feature--Revolved Half Moon Pose (Parivrtta Ardba Chandrasana).
So thanks Mary for your special pose for the Sunrise charity, I will always see you in a new light!
Certain plaintiffs in the Michael Jackson trial look like kids in Larry Clark pictures, particularly his 1996 set of photos Sketches for Tulsa Movie Coming Soon--like the Jordie Chandler twin that curator Brian Wallis eyes as one of Clark's "most compelling": "a shirtless young man pulling back his long hair in a feminized pose for the camera." Wallis fails to account for why the pose is "feminized" or for how some Tulsa kid might have learned to do it.
The band's lead singer, Gary Lightbody, took time out from recording their latest album in Co Kerry to pose for pictures being showered in rice,a staple food for millions of the world's poor.
As far as yoga students are concerned, holding a pose for a period of time requires subtraction of the outer world, total awareness of the whole body and total immersion of the mind in the pose in the absence of judgment.
TEI's incoming Chapter Presidents pose for a "class photo" at the Leadership Seminar in Annapolis, Maryland