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portray (someone or something) as (something)

To describe, represent, or depict someone or something in a particular kind of way, whether with words, images, or performance. The writer portrays London of the 1800s as a bleak, dirty, unwelcoming place. For some reason she decided to portray the character as completely serious and straight, even though she's obviously meant to be an exaggerated, hyperbolic parody in the play.
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portray someone as someone or something

to represent or describe someone as someone or a type of person. Fred portrayed his political opponent as an evil man. She tried to portray herself as a grand lady, but she fooled no one.
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portray someone or something as someone

to develop a character that one is playing in a dramatic production as a kind of person or someone having certain characteristics or a particular personality. Tom portrayed Scrooge as an evil old man. Randy hopes to portray his character as a sympathetic friend.
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(59) Given the reverence that Saint Bernard held for the Virgin, and the abundance and popularity of his writings on her virtues and glories, in Cistercian houses the commissioning of works portraying clerics in adoration of Mary suggest clerical devotion to Bernard, and, by extension, to a Bernardine-centered spirituality.
The tradition of portraying God in icons and other religious art forms continues in the Church until this day.
Jest-books such as Een nyeuwe clucht boeck made fun of priests by portraying them as being moronic, as having a shaky knowledge of Latin and the scriptures, as being unchaste, and only being career-minded.
"Rather than portraying an overall diminution of the rental value in the New Haven market, it illustrates the fact that much of the leasing activity in the market has been in higher quality, relatively expensive space."
AN actor portraying Jill Dando's killer stands at the bus stop where the mystery gunman was spotted after the murder.
Conservatives were incensed about the ads in the New York Senate race that helped defeat incumbent Alfonse D'Amato by portraying him as a supporter of clinic bombings because he voted on First Amendment grounds against a protection act that increased clinic security.
One of the few shows that does a good job of portraying black life, albeit in a humorous light, is The Parent 'Hood.
Thus, she concluded that little progress was being made in portraying women in roles other than family or decorative roles.
Through his eloquent prose and brilliant illustrations, Gobhai provides details of Indian scenery as well as portraying characters and their emotions with sensitivity and tenderness.
Section 7 of the said Act states that 'during the campaign period, it is unlawful to show, display, or exhibit publicly in a theater, through a television station, a video sharing site, social media network, or any public forum any movie, cinematography or documentary, including concert or any type of performance portraying the life or biography of a candidate or in which a character is portrayed by an actor or media personality who is himself or herself a candidate.'
The 34-year-old actor thinks he could see himself portraying a character like Lobo in the upcoming Batman vs.
Summary: Critics have simultaneously agreed that Egyptian actress Nadia Al Jundi has failed in portraying the character of 'Queen Nazli' in the television drama "Nasli Malikah Fil Manfa" (Nazli a Queen in exil
As regards any actors he would want to see portraying him in the film, the former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion said: "It would have to be someone that could accurately portray the struggles I went through to become heavyweight champ." (ANI)
The L Word has also been better in portraying diversity than Queer as Folk ever was.