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portray (someone or something) as (something)

To describe, represent, or depict someone or something in a particular kind of way, whether with words, images, or performance. The writer portrays London of the 1800s as a bleak, dirty, unwelcoming place. For some reason she decided to portray the character as completely serious and straight, even though she's obviously meant to be an exaggerated, hyperbolic parody in the play.
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portray someone as someone or something

to represent or describe someone as someone or a type of person. Fred portrayed his political opponent as an evil man. She tried to portray herself as a grand lady, but she fooled no one.
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portray someone or something as someone

to develop a character that one is playing in a dramatic production as a kind of person or someone having certain characteristics or a particular personality. Tom portrayed Scrooge as an evil old man. Randy hopes to portray his character as a sympathetic friend.
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