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portray (someone or something) as (something)

To describe, represent, or depict someone or something in a particular kind of way, whether with words, images, or performance. The writer portrays London of the 1800s as a bleak, dirty, unwelcoming place. For some reason she decided to portray the character as completely serious and straight, even though she's obviously meant to be an exaggerated, hyperbolic parody in the play.
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portray someone as someone or something

to represent or describe someone as someone or a type of person. Fred portrayed his political opponent as an evil man. She tried to portray herself as a grand lady, but she fooled no one.
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portray someone or something as someone

to develop a character that one is playing in a dramatic production as a kind of person or someone having certain characteristics or a particular personality. Tom portrayed Scrooge as an evil old man. Randy hopes to portray his character as a sympathetic friend.
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"Aladdin is all about Arabs, yet the only image people have about it, is the one Disney portrayed in its cartoon and film, even though it does not depict Arab culture properly," he explained.
The Lost actor will portray the father of Batman as a billionaire philanthropist in the mayoral race for Gotham.
, who was the first to portray the main role in "Ang Probinsyano." Her mother, actress Susan Roces, also plays a character in the show.
Tyson said that within a year to 18 months, they were going to do the Mike Tyson story and the 46-year-old actor will portray him, and now they had this new animation because Fox was pretty much his age so he could not portray me but they had this new system.
Lublubah denied rumors that she was nominated to portray Suzan Mubarak in the film "Lailat Suqoot Al Raees" (The eve of the downfall of the President), which tackles the final hours before former Egyptian President Husni Mubarak stepped down from office.
Eighth-grade student Katie Watson, who portrayed poet, translator and journalist Anna Blackwell, said she spent a few weeks gathering everything she needed for her role.
At the Moulin Rouge: The Dance portrays a mix of opposites: bright and dull colors, active dancers and passive spectators, merriment and monotonous leisure.
McAchearn is a white, creepy, raging, obsessive male and if you're going to portray this type of guy south of the Maxon-Dixon line, apparently you must add Bible-thumping to the mix.
Because of its unique characteristics, Maritime was used to portray the Massachusetts Police Academy, and its Pentagon sally port was the backdrop for an academy graduation scene.
While mainstream media used images of Malvo to portray him as a cold-blooded killer, DeGraw's Malvos blur easy analysis.
As a single authored body of work, Johnson s dramas uniquely portray Black families confronting the lynching of one of its members.
This confluence of events allowed Royalists to portray the monarchy's restoration as a necessary condition for prosperity in an empire based on trade rather than dominion, reversing the new economic discourse's political valence.
The study, in July, found that many articles and news items in print and visual media portray older people as victims of society, particularly regarding health and social care.
In the best-case scenario, street theater perpetuates itself by casting local extroverts who have never acted, but who understand and can portray oppression and abuse.