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sit for a/(one's) portrait

To pose while having one's portrait painted or photographed. It's tradition that every new president of the company has to sit for a portrait, which is hung in the main foyer of the building. With so many kids, it's always something of a nightmare trying to get everyone to sit for a family portrait each year.
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sit for one's portrait

to serve as the subject of a portrait being done by a painter or photographer. I sat for the picture for two hours. Do you mind sitting for the painter all day? It will be easier if you get it over with all at once.
See also: portrait, sit
References in classic literature ?
Here, was another great man," remarked Laurence, pointing to the portrait of John Adams.
THE NEXT evening the astral lamp was lighted earlier than usual, because Laurence was very much engaged in looking over the collection of portraits which had been his New-Year's gift from Grandfather.
Philip explained that he did not want him to sit for the figure, but only for the head; he wished to do a portrait of him which he might send to the next Salon.
Philip answered that the head interested him, he thought he could do a good portrait.
He longed to solve the mystery of something in the face Nastasia Philipovna, something which had struck him as he looked at the portrait for the first time; the impression had not left him.
The prince gazed at it for a minute or two, then glanced around him, and hurriedly raised the portrait to his lips.
The portrait, still pursuing me, answered the question: "Look at what you were once; think of what you are now
And still, the darker it grew, the more persistently my portrait led me back to the past, the more vividly the long-lost image of the child Mary showed itself to me in my thoughts.
When they entered, they found hanging upon the wall a splendid portrait of their master as they had last seen him, in all the wonder of his exquisite youth and beauty.
I called in, on my way upstairs, more than half expecting to find you here,' said Ralph, addressing his niece, and looking contemptuously at the portrait.
Twemlow, in a stunned condition, feigns to compare the portrait in his hand with the original looking towards him from his Mephistophelean corner.
Bounderby closed the door, and stood before the fire; projecting himself after his old explosive manner into his portrait - and into futurity.
Mannering himself; it was as if the portrait were walking!
In face and figure, he reminded me a little of the portrait of my father at Combe-Raven -- I mean the portrait in the dining-room, of my father when he was a young man.
You know N- N- received a snuffbox with the portrait last year?