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Benjamin's portion

A particularly large portion (of something), or the largest portion given. A reference to Genesis 43:34, in which Joseph, the son of Jacob who was sold to the Egyptians and became a high-ranking official, treated his former brothers to a feast, with his youngest brother Benjamin receiving a portion five times that of the others. The phrase is used almost exclusively in reference to God or religion. When it comes to the love God gives us, we all have Benjamin's portion: many times more than we might have expected or felt we deserve.
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portion out

To divide and distribute portions of something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "portion" and "out." We have to portion out the stew if we're going to feed all these guests. Instead of receiving the lottery winnings in one lump sum, I asked them to portion it out to me for the next 20 years.
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portion something out

to give out shares of something. Who will portion the cake out? She portioned out the chocolate carefully, making sure every one got an equal share.
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a Benjamin's portion (or mess)

the largest share or portion.
In the Bible, Benjamin was the youngest son of the Jewish patriarch Jacob . When Jacob's sons encountered their long-lost brother Joseph in Egypt, where he had become a high official, they failed to recognize him, but Joseph generously entertained them: ‘And he took and sent messes [servings of food] unto them from before him: but Benjamin's mess was five times so much as any of their's’ (Genesis 43:34).
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portion out

To divide something into parts or shares for distribution: The charity raises money and then portions it out among the most needy places. We portioned out the equipment according to how much weight each person could carry.
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Reducing the spread of pathogens from blades or hands to food is a goal of the blade-free waterjet series of Portioners from FMC's DSI unit.
The birds are deboned automatically, then go through the Portioner, which trims the fat off a boneless piece of breast meat.
A new Cross Cutter has been developed using the same robotics and water jet technology of the Portioner.
In other words, the accuracy of the DSI Portioner gives us more yield and makes us more competitive," says Skaarfish's Ingmar Sumstad.
Additional Marlen machines now available in the UK and Ireland through Wrapid include: the T-150 and T-300, which include variable speeds of up to 15 cycles per minute and a patented gas backfill system designed to minimize gas usage and produce low oxygen residual levels; a Stacker Denester Loader, a multiple tray capacity stacker; a Variable Meat Portioner, packaging infinitely variable cut lengths of meat, pneumatically controlled for precision performance.
The resultant new preparation line from mincer and portioner through to packaging machine and materials is supplied by Convenience Food Systems (CFS) of Bakel, The Netherlands, tel:+31 49 234 9349, fax:+31 49 234 3969.
In the manufacturing area they have a Laska bowl chopper with Handtmann vacuum portioner system that was producing reformed hams the day we were there.
In passing, we were shown the new sausage production facility which uses a Vemag portioner and linker to produce the 4oz sausages.
Their DSI portioner is used to calculate the optimum portion size for boneless fillets by using a video camera system.
Combined with the other JBT brands, such as DSI water jet portioners, Stein coating and frying systems, Double D cooking systems and Formcook contact cookers, the potential for in-line food processing solutions is enormous.