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a portent of things to come

Something that is indicative of what will happen or become popular in the future. I think this trend is a portent of things to come, but there's no way to know for sure.
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harbinger of things to come

 and portent of things to come; sign of things to come
a sample of the events that are to occur in the future. The first cuts in our budget are a harbinger of things to come. Today's visit from the auditors is a portent of things to come.
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Beneficiant a plus de 16.000 agriculteurs, ces projets portent sur le repeuplement des oasis traditionnelles (200.000 plants), le renforcement du reseau d'irrigation, la realisation de six unites de valorisation et de stockage des dattes et la creation d'un signe distinctif d'origine et de qualite a la variete Majhoul.
Sur les 10 projets juges admissibles, 6 projets integrant des navires de la peche portent sur un volume de captures de 43.000 tonnes qui sera exploite par 20 navires de peche cotiere pour l'approvisionnement en appoint de 21 unites industrielles de conserve et de congelation.
Let's hope the re- enactment is not a portent of what could befall the city that resembles a dust bowl today.
Ses travaux portent presentement sur la place de la religion dans le discours politique des autochtones au Canada et sur la reconnaissance sociale et juridique des mariages religieux dans le cadre du multiculturalisme canadien.
The team was wearing black - a portent of things to come maybe?
This was a rich portent indeed for this man who would enter the Catholic Church 22 years later at the age of 49.
From beam quality to laser distribution and the pros and cons of microwaves, phasing and other scenarios, THE E-BOMB is a thought-provoking portent of the future of military might.
But hiPA has been a welcome portent of the season, even before global warming became so evident.
So the company rebuilt the site with help from Portent Interactive to look the same but be more search engine friendly.
Parish relief officials supplemented outdoor relief with indoor relief in workhouses, a portent of the Poor Law reforms of 1834.
As previously noted in these pages (see "Another Portent of Draft Revival" in our April 4 issue), the framework for draft revival will probably resemble a proposal outlined in "The Case for the Draft," an essay by Captain Phillip Carter, U.S.
In this world Noriko is the Awakening, a portent of the Sky Demon's coming, and all the nations send their soldiers to retrieve her.
For Cross, the portent was clear: "Maybe I need to raise my prices, too," he says.--S.A.
He soon launched his own label, Portent Records, and sister imprint, Portent Plus.