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do porridge

slang To serve a prison sentence. Because porridge is inexpensive, it was commonly served in prisons. Primarily heard in UK. After doing porridge for the past five years, Mark is getting released from jail today.
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everything tastes of porridge

No matter how lost one gets in fantasy, the reality of day-to-day life (here represented by "porridge") is always present and cannot be ignored. Just remember, future Broadway star, that everything tastes of porridge.

keep your breath to cool your porridge

Focus on yourself and your life, rather than other people's lives and issues. Lady Martha, I strongly suggest that you keep your breath to cool your porridge, rather than intruding upon these affairs.
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pace around hot porridge like a cat

To speak vaguely or euphemistically so as to avoid talking directly about an unpleasant or sensitive topic. The phrase is Scandinavian in origin. Don't pace around hot porridge like a cat—just tell me the truth. Why are you pacing around hot porridge like a cat? Are you leaving our company?
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save one's breath

Refrain from arguing about a lost cause, as in You can save your breath; I'm not going to change my mind. This term was also put as save your breath to cool your porridge (or broth), that is, by not blowing on the too hot liquid. The idea of not expending one's breath to say something another person doesn't want to hear dates from the early 1700s.
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do ˈporridge

(British English, old-fashioned, informal) be in prison serving a sentence: He’s doing porridge again, this time for armed robbery.This comes from the fact that as porridge is a cheap food that makes the stomach feel full, it was often served in prisons.
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Pigling ate the peel, and washed up the porridge plates in the bucket.
Piperson was very affable; he slapped Pigling on the back, made lots of porridge and forgot to lock the meal chest.
Make me more porridge, please!" Pigling Bland jumped, and looked round.
Pigling Bland made more porridge and watched her shyly.
"Is soap in porridge any worse than tooth-powder in rusks, lovely creature?" asked Dan.
"Did you notice the soapy taste in the porridge?" asked the Story Girl.
He carried me to the back of the house, where was a draw-well, and told me to "wash my face there, if I wanted;" and when that was done, I made the best of my own way back to the kitchen, where he had lit the fire and was making the porridge. The table was laid with two bowls and two horn spoons, but the same single measure of small beer.
I fancy it knew me: it pushed its nose against mine by way of salute, and then hastened to devour the porridge; while I groped from step to step, collecting the shattered earthenware, and drying the spatters of milk from the banister with my pocket-handkerchief.
"Porridge a la Russe, your honor would like?" said the Tatar, bending down to Levin, like a nurse speaking to a child.
The first series of Porridge began on BBC 1 on September 5, 1974, and saw habitual criminal Norman Stanley Fletcher joining inmates like prison cook Lukewarm (Christopher Biggins) 'Orrible Ives (Ken Jones) and Blanco (David Jason) at HMP Slade.
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CONVICTS in stir doing porridge are calling for more, not less, of the breakfast meal.
The line-up for the 2019 World Porridge Making Championships has been announced.
The Devil's Porridge Museum at Eastriggs is bidding for the UK's 2019 Family Friendly Museum Award.
Yam porridge is a special type of African food prepared majorly from yam.