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tell porkies

To tell a lie or say something that is not entirely true. Primarily heard in UK. The government's clearly been telling porkies about who these tax cuts are going to benefit! I admit I've told porkies on more than one job application.
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tell ˈporkies

(British English, informal, humorous) (usually used in progressive tenses) say something that is not true: Can this be true, or is somebody telling porkies?In rhyming slang, porky-pies means ‘lies’.
See also: porky, tell


mod. fat; obese; pig-like. You are beginning to look a little porky.
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Owner Eddie Osmon, 40 - who has been running Porky Pig since he was 18 - says he wants to pass on his rent savings to his customers.
My pieces get people to think about nature, and its fragility, and make them consider how to protect it," says Porky, who is renowned for his signature large-size nests.
GoGo Pet Products Porky Bone Dog Treat & Chews are offered with same day shipping with all orders placed before 3pm EST and Big Apple Pet Supply's 5% low price guarantee.
That close tie was enough to convince Porky that the grisly insurance plot would work.
Porky the pig is a winner on the golf course thanks to a bright idea from Flo Rutherford, last year's lady captain at Backworth.
TO EVERYBODY else, Porky [co-presenter Mike Parry] was the gaffer, but I could think of him only in terms of what we had been through working together on our breakfast show, which we had taken all around the world.
The porky pet has caused quite a stir since his owners, Sean and Gillian Langley, and daughter Nicole, 14, pictured, moved from Northern Ireland to Monkwearmouth in Sunderland.
German Shepherd Fern has been crowned the winner of the Echo Porky Pets competition to find the South Wales pet most in need of a slim-down.
How to begin nailing a photographic oeuvre whose cast of characters ranges from Kate Moss (radiant in Alexander McQueen) to a brown rat (rapine in a gutter), whose still-life subjects flip from pink roses to a porky penis unleashed beside an airline breakfast, whose locations encompass antiwar demonstrations and tropical ponds?
He worked for Warner Bros and voiced the lines of Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Elmer Fudd, Foghorn Leghorn and Tweety Pie.
4-liter sits between the passengers behind an unsightly bulge in the rear bulkhead; its center of gravity is significantly higher than the V10's; it is a porky 120 lb heavier; and the supercharger multiplies torque in a non-linear Fashion in a car that needs a level of delicacy to balance it on the cornering knife's edge.
Residents of Ruthwell Station village in Dumfries and Galloway have rallied round owners George and Sadie Stone in their bid to prevent the slaughter of ten-year-old Porky.
Indeed, CE was so horrified that we warned readers to avoid buying stocks on Friday because that was the day the average broker came to the office wearing "a Porky Pig T-shirt and a pair of magenta-and-chartreuse Rollerblades.
A porky may have 30,000 of them poking out of its back, sides, and tail.