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tell porkies

To tell a lie or say something that is not entirely true. Primarily heard in UK. The government's clearly been telling porkies about who these tax cuts are going to benefit! I admit I've told porkies on more than one job application.
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tell ˈporkies

(British English, informal, humorous) (usually used in progressive tenses) say something that is not true: Can this be true, or is somebody telling porkies?In rhyming slang, porky-pies means ‘lies’.
See also: porky, tell


mod. fat; obese; pig-like. You are beginning to look a little porky.
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If porkiness was purely accidental, why didn't we spot any Vanessa Feltz lookalikes during the Ethiopian famine?
They discuss porkiness, pastry, jelly, texture, bouquet and serving temperature between draughts of Timothy Taylor Landlord (4.
To the contrary, it has long been clear that earmarks must be banned in order to protect Congress from its own porkiness.
It is revelatory; the heat nuzzles up to the saltiness of the bacon, the juicy porkiness of the sausage, the musky mushrooms and the comforting creaminess of the fried egg and makes the dish sing.
We now know it was one of the earliest recorded digs at Paul Robinson's porkiness.
A triangular sail of crackling stood pertly beside a timbale of shoulder meat suffused with concentrated porkiness.