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tell porkies

To tell a lie or say something that is not entirely true. Primarily heard in UK. The government's clearly been telling porkies about who these tax cuts are going to benefit! I admit I've told porkies on more than one job application.
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tell ˈporkies

(British English, informal, humorous) (usually used in progressive tenses) say something that is not true: Can this be true, or is somebody telling porkies?In rhyming slang, porky-pies means ‘lies’.
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mod. fat; obese; pig-like. You are beginning to look a little porky.
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Dance teacher Magali Penoel, aged 26, promises to trim down the porkiest stomachs, achieve ramrod straight backs, and turn her students into sex gods with her undulations.
World's porkiest ugliest man would be much more appropriate.
Women here are among the porkiest in Britain and have the shortest life expectancy in the country.
See, e.g., CONLAN, supra note 12, at 37-38, 41-43 (noting reluctance of Congress to yield control of categorical programs because such grants are "the porkiest of pork" for which Congress can claim credit at election time, and arguing that "block grants pose a threat to the self-interests of congressmen ...
PODGY pregnant mums in Scotland who "eat for two" are now the third porkiest in the world, experts say.
Affluent London has the thinnest people in the country but my old home county of Essex - predominately a working class neck of the woods - is the porkiest place in the east.
ANIMAL charity PDSA is searching for Britain's porkiest pets and plans to send the winners to fat camp.
THE Premiership's five porkiest players on Body Mass Index (Government guideline for being overweight) are Sol Campbell (Arsenal) 27.7, Kolo Toure (Arsenal) 27.1, Noe Pamarot (Tottenham) 27.1, Mark Pembridge (Fulham) 26.7 and Kevin Nolan (Bolton) 26.6.