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tell porkies

To tell a lie or say something that is not entirely true. Primarily heard in UK. The government's clearly been telling porkies about who these tax cuts are going to benefit! I admit I've told porkies on more than one job application.
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tell ˈporkies

(British English, informal, humorous) (usually used in progressive tenses) say something that is not true: Can this be true, or is somebody telling porkies?In rhyming slang, porky-pies means ‘lies’.
See also: porky, tell


mod. fat; obese; pig-like. You are beginning to look a little porky.
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He is porkier than Michael Ricketts ever was and just as slow, ungainly and prolific.
5 tonnes of car you can't defy the laws of physics, but the DB9 makes its nearest rival, the much porkier Bentley Continental GT, feel stodgy and at 12 to 17mpg the Aston is significantly more economical than the 9mpg Bentley.
Rendezvous is even porkier, with an awd curb weight of 4,250 pounds.
Such is the fate of two fortunate liver-colored dachshunds, Stanley, age 12, and his somewhat porkier pal, Boodgie, 10.
Most teams have taken their fielding up a notch thanks to Twenty20 cricket, but despite having some of the porkier cricketers around in their team, the whippets more than make up for them.