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air (one's) pores

slang To be naked. It feels good to air my pores and take a nice hot bath after a long day at work. Hasn't everyone had the dream where they're airing their pores while walking through the halls of their old high school? When you live alone, you can do whatever you want whenever you want—even air your pores!
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pore over

To examine, study, or read with intense, careful attention. She spent hours poring over the text, searching for a clue that might help solve the case. I had to pore over the contract to find who is liable in such a situation.
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air one's pores

Sl. to undress oneself; to become naked. Me and Wilbur, that's my brother, both fell in the creek and had to air our pores a while so our pants could dry out.
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pore over something

to look over something carefully. She pored over the reports, looking for errors. I need to take a few hours to pore over these contracts and see if they are ready to be signed.
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pore over

To read or study something carefully and thoroughly: The engineers pored over their calculations looking for errors.
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air one’s pores

tv. to undress oneself; to become naked. I’m fixing to air my pores and take a shower.
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