pore over

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pore over

To examine, study, or read with intense, careful attention. She spent hours poring over the text, searching for a clue that might help solve the case. I had to pore over the contract to find who is liable in such a situation.
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pore over something

to look over something carefully. She pored over the reports, looking for errors. I need to take a few hours to pore over these contracts and see if they are ready to be signed.
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pour (all) over someone or something

to flood over someone or something. (Compare this with pore over something.) The water from the broken dam poured all over the rocks standing at its base. The spilled milk poured over my lap.
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pour something over someone or something

to cover or douse someone or something with something. As I poured the cooling water over myself, I felt relaxed for the first time since I began the long hike. Mary poured some milk over her cereal.
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pore over

To read or study something carefully and thoroughly: The engineers pored over their calculations looking for errors.
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References in classic literature ?
"I pored over them," he says, "driving in my cart, or walking to labour, song by song, verse by verse."
He came across a book of letters of the wits of Queen Anne's reign, and these he pored over, eager to make his own style good.
As a verb, pore means to examine carefully ('She pored over the documents') or, more rarely, meditate.
The son who pored over his traces must finally come to terms with finding him no place--or everyplace.
England had pored over videos and worked out various game plans to get rid of the big hitter who had racked up 621 runs in his three previous innings in the series.