pop (one's) cork

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pop (one's) cork

1. slang To have a nervous breakdown; to become mentally or emotionally unstable; to lose one's mind. His bizarre decision to sell off all his stakes in the firm he helped create have many wondering if he hasn't popped his cork. I think the poor woman popped her cork after the death of her children.
2. slang To become or cause one to become infuriated. It isn't so much what he says that pops my cork—it's the smug, condescending way he says it. Hearing them make fun of the poor child's disability really popped my cork, and I flew into a rage that I think scared the living daylights out of them.
3. vulgar slang To experience an orgasm. Said especially of a man.
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pop one's cork

1. Fig. to suddenly become mentally disturbed; to go crazy. I was so upset that I nearly popped my cork. They put him away because he popped his cork.
2. Fig. to become very angry. My mother popped her cork when she heard about my low grades. Calm down! Don't pop your cork.
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pop one’s cork

tv. to release one’s anger; to blow one’s top. She tried to hold it back, but suddenly she popped her cork.
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