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(as) red as a poppy

Extremely flushed and red, especially in the face, as from embarrassment, anger, or physical strain. My father was as red as a poppy by the time we reached the top of the hill. I was afraid he might have a heart attack or something! Oh, Mike definitely likes you—he turns red as a poppy every time you're around! Mom's face went red as a poppy when I confessed that I was trying to sneak out of the house to go to a party.
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tall poppy

One who has a lot of wealth, fame, or social prominence. She may be a tall poppy, as you describe her, but she never flaunts her wealth or treats others with disrespect.
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tall poppy syndrome

The tendency to criticize or otherwise speak negatively about one who has a lot of wealth, fame, or social prominence. In Australia, someone who is successful in this way is known as a "tall poppy," and the disparagement inherent to tall poppy syndrome seeks to cut the tall poppy down. Primarily heard in Australia, New Zealand. That star never flaunts her wealth or treats others with disrespect, so I don't know why the tall poppy syndrome is so glaring in media coverage about her. Now that I'm doing so well in school, I'm experiencing tall poppy syndrome with some jealous classmates.
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*red as a cherry

 and *red as a poppy; *red as a rose; *red as a ruby; *red as blood
bright red. (*Also: as ~.) When she came in from ice-skating, Clara's nose was as red as a cherry. When her boss praised her in front of the whole office, Emily turned red as a poppy. I would like to make a dress out of that beautiful velvet that is red as a rose. Jane painted her fingernails with polish as red as a ruby. I want to have my car painted red as blood.
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a tall poppy

a privileged or distinguished person.
The Roman tyrant Tarquin was reputed to have struck off the heads of poppies as a gruesomely graphic demonstration of the way in which the important men of a captured city should be treated. In recent years, the term tall poppy syndrome has also developed, referring to a tendency to discredit or disparage people who have become rich, famous, or socially prominent.
1991 Lynn Barber Mostly Men Journalists on the whole tend to be egalitarian-minded and contemptous of tall poppies, but I prefer the prima donnas.
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On Memorial and Veteran's days, red tissue-paper poppies still are distributed in memory of wars' victims.
Poppies, poppies, row on tow In Flanders' Field you blow and blow Poppes, poppies 100 years on We still remember you, on and on.
Clr Guy, a former Mayor of Mirfield and standard bearer for the Mirfield branch of the Royal British Legion, said the RBL was selling plastic car radiator grille poppies for PS6 each and it was thought there were around 25 police vehicles in the Kirklees division.
But the incensed Atherstone community have already replaced the ripped poppies - and have pledged to put up even more.
The children made poppies from recyclable material collected during litter picks in the summer holidays such as plastic bottles, cups and drinks cartons which were painted and melted down to create the poppies.
The Amlwch Poppy Project wanted to remember the lives lost during the conflict, and as the number of poppies grew they were faced with a shortage of red wool.
They were even charged for a member of the armed forces holding a bunch of poppies at the entrance/exit of the players' tunnel.
To reach the target, organisers want groups, individuals and schools to get knitting poppies.
Supermarket chain Sainsbury's offers a recycling service for used poppies - a better option than simply putting it in the bin.
England and Scotland footballers wore poppies on black arm bands for their match on Friday "in defiance" of Fifa rules banning political or religious symbols - even though poppies are nothing of the sort.
Poppies are used as a symbol of remembrance, inspired by the poem "In Flanders Fields" by Canadian John McCrae, with its opening lines referring to the thousands of poppies that were the first flowers to grow in the churned-up earth of soldiers' graves.
WHAT is the difference between Remembrance Day and Remembrance Sunday, how did red poppies come about, why are white poppies so controversial and why do people wear a purple poppy?
I AGREE with Brian Reade when he says you can still show respect for the fallen by not wearing poppies (Mirror, Nov 7).
According to counternarcotics ministry: "Intelligence of neighboring countries are striving to create hurdles for Afghan government in struggle against drugs eradication." So far, they have cleared 14 provinces of poppies, it said.