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1. n. something astonishing. (Alludes to the comical view of eyes bulging outward in surprise or amazement.) What an eye-popper of a story!
2. n. a very good-looking woman or girl. Isn’t that foxy lady an eye-popper?

lid proppers

and lid poppers
n. amphetamine tablets or capsules. (Drugs. Refers to the eyelids.) Kelly has to have a couple of lid proppers each morning.
See also: lid

lid poppers

See also: lid, popper


and popper and pill-dropper
n. anyone who takes pills frequently or habitually. I knew she was always ill, but I didn’t know she was a pill-dropper. He’s not a hypochondriac, just a pill-dropper.




1. and popsie n. an ampoule of amyl nitrite, a drug that is inhaled when the ampoule is broken. (Drugs. Often plural.) You got any popsies I can have?
2. Go to pill-popper.
3. n. a handgun. (Underworld. From the sound of a gunshot.) He carries his popper under his coat.
4. n. a can of beer (in a pop-top can). You ready for another popper, Tom?


and skull-popper
1. n. a difficult course in school or college. The course was a skull-buster, and I had to drop it.
2. n. a police officer. (Refers to the striking of skulls.) Two skull-poppers came up and started asking questions.


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Many big-game popper professionals utilize the FG knot to connect braided running line seamlessly to a long leader of up to 100-pound test.
Esa era la inquietud de Popper, sobre todo cuando observaba como iban subiendo los indices de violencia juvenil, directamente ligados al numero de horas que pasaban frente a la tele los adolescentes de grandes centros urbanos.
Popper was previously a managing director of Beacon Capital Partners, where he led Beacon's investment strategy in the New York Metropolitan area, and a senior director of Tishman Speyer Properties, where he led the acquisition efforts in the eastern U.
Popper was emphatic that Brower's intuitionism raised some crucial issues for mathematics.
A que me refiero, entonces, al formular criticamente la pregunta acerca de si Popper fue un "empirista encubierto"?
La tesis que se defiende en este articulo es que Karl Popper, en su intento de dejar sin bases epistemologicas la concepcion historicista, termina negando una de las tesis que el mismo defendio a lo largo de toda su vida, la del monismo metodologico o unificacionismo de la ciencia.
In other words Popper thinks that to believe in absolute reason is the main hindrance in avoidance of violence.
Additionally, Popper claims that a theory can never be confirmed, only falsified; therefore, scientists would ideally never stop attempting to refute a theory.
Morgan Stanley's Southeast Asia mergers and acquisitions managing director (NYSE: MS), Jonathan Popper, has been hired by Singapore's state owned investment company, Temasek.
Did Popper hold on to the autonomy of epistemology throughout his intellectual career?
Topics explored include Popper's criticism of Marx's scientific socialism and extrapolation of scientific laws in history, elements of Marx's post-capitalist vision and critique of political economy that Popper did not fully address, the Hegelian roots of right-wing totalitarianism and Popper's attack of them in his Open Society and Its Enemies, how Popper's antipositivist epistemology informed his appreciation for sociological and historical insights, the moral disintegrity of an increasingly "abstract" society, misrepresentations by Popper's critics like Adorno and Habermas, Socratic interrogation of democracy and politics as an open science, Popper's commitment to the rule of law, and cosmopolitan human rights.
Popper and company works exclusively with life science companies, offering a range of services including development and implementation of commercialization strategies.
Palabras clave: Sociedad Abierta, progreso, discusion critica, Popper.
Poppers, a liquid legal high with psychoactive effects, have been linked to retinal damage in new research published in the British Journal of Ophthalmology.
Poppers 'not in crackdown' POPPERS should not be included in a crackdown on so-called legal highs because they are not "psychoactive", Government advisers have said.