pop around

pop around (for a visit)

 and pop by (for a visit); pop in (for a visit); pop over (for a visit)
to come by [someone's residence] for a visit. You simply must pop around for a visit sometime. I will pop by about noon. I can pop in for only a minute.
See also: around, pop
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Tell you what, pop around to Chateau Overbury for a cuppa and I'll sell you one for a quarter of the price - and still make a very healthy profit.
BUBBLE GUN The Billion Bubbles Gun creates up to 500 bubbles a minute for kids to chase and pop around the garden.
I know it's crazy, but I expect any minute to take a call from him or to see his face pop around the corner.
POWER THERE'S been an awful lot of sensitive electro pop around this year but Fryars deserves to be heard.
FRYARS - POWER THERE'S been an awful lot of sensitive electro pop around this year but Fryars deserves to be heard.
Unlike lots of underground hip pop around, TinyM set out to create a cross-over, progressive and eclectic brand of music, twisting the sound with influences from genre as diverse as rock, dubstep and soul.
But Vincequere bore down, sandwiching a strikeout and an infield pop around a walk to end the game.
A few days later he said he knew where I lived and would be happy to pop around at the weekend.
The baby was not due for another week but Gemma's husband Andrew has a cousin, Jill Georgeson, who is a midwife and she agreed to pop around to check on her condition.
Helping Hands For You sees volunteers pop around to an elderly person's home to offer anything from day-to-day help to simple companionship.
Using six colorful balls, the baby can drop them into the pit on the dino's back and watch them pop around and then suddenly bounce out or roll through the adorable creature's mouth.
Public health minister Anne Milton described the promotion as a '"fantastic way of making it easier for people to pop around the corner to get fruit and veg".
Peter Nixon, their early release in South Africa led me to pop around the website that describes the changes in detail.
You'd expect to be able to pop around to the neighbours to borrow a cup of sugar.
He had a nice pop around with a bunch of my horses and Eddie was delighted with him.