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But all the same, the coercion-based approach suffers, once again, from poorness of fit.
Effectiveness of the anti-counterfeiting system: In practice, it is difficult to get cooperation or court orders for seizing counterfeit goods as well as to prosecute counterfeiting due to the poorness of the knowledge and experience in intellectual property.
When Drummond achieved the Ministry of Education for the first time in 1928 under the conservative Bavin State government, he responded promptly to the Farmers' and Settlers' Association's well politicised complaints about the poorness and relative lack of educational resources and facilities for children in country districts.
at all--even while people wax on the resource poorness of their country
Given the resource poorness of many small firms, identification of a particular business model that will be both efficient and effective is a major challenge.
Poorness is increasingly invisible to large numbers of Americans and poor kids know the word increasingly only through the media.
The danger lies in being too quick to celebrate the demise of Contentville's business model or the poorness of Questia based solely on bad content or failure to attract users.
A column in the international edition of the Communist Party's publication Granma denounced "the lies, immoralities and poorness of the so-called independent Cuban journalists with the aim of making money at all cost.
The first term, n [multiplied by] log(RSS), can be intuitively interpreted as a measure of poorness of fit of the model, while the second term, 2k, measures the model's complexity.
Arguments may be made that the cross section is relevant because: 1) it may be necessary to help those temporarily poor so that the consistently poor get relief; 2) it may be humane to assist the temporarily poor in a period of difficulty; and 3) a large percentage of the poor may have a recurring condition of poorness [Gold, 1987].
As noted earlier the discretionary and rules regimes cannot be ranked in a stochastic environment: a trade-off results, depending on the poorness of the natural rate and the size of shocks.
When our host and his wife spoke of their poor accommodations, meaning for themselves, we assured them that they were good enough, for we thought that they were only apologizing for the poorness of the accommodations they were about to offer us, and we did not discover our mistake till they took us up a ladder into a loft, and showed to our eyes what they had been laboring in vain to communicate to our brains through our ears, that they had but that one apartment with its few beds for the whole family.
This occurred amid "inhumane conditions that included not being able to use bathrooms, lack of food and the poorness of food offered, undrinkable water and absence of ventilation", according to the report.
A spokesman of Punjab Education Foundation stated this in a statement said that the purpose of this expansion is to further extend the facility of free school education to more deserving students living in remote and less-developed areas of these districts where number of schools is inadequate or the poorness of the people hinders schooling of their children.
It would seem that the poorness of fit arises not from masculinity, per se, but rather from failure to at least overtly adapt to the very liberal culture common to higher education.