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Effectiveness of the anti-counterfeiting system: In practice, it is difficult to get cooperation or court orders for seizing counterfeit goods as well as to prosecute counterfeiting due to the poorness of the knowledge and experience in intellectual property.
A column in the international edition of the Communist Party's publication Granma denounced "the lies, immoralities and poorness of the so-called independent Cuban journalists with the aim of making money at all cost.
It would seem that the poorness of fit arises not from masculinity, per se, but rather from failure to at least overtly adapt to the very liberal culture common to higher education.
Thus, special interest demonstrations and protests have multiplied, labor strikes have spread, and protests against the low rate of wages have proliferated - in addition to the high rate of unemployment and the poorness of services remaining as they had been.
Parallel to the technological improvements that have revolutionized many domains of activity, globalization has brought the increase of disparities in wealth distribution, a more accentuated polarization of wealth and poorness, social exclusion and insecurity.
But the poorness of their defending was cruel on Craig Gordon who, along with David Healy, ensured this fourth round tie very nearly went the distance.
The barrier that prevents more advanced usage of the web is believed to be semantic poorness of today's world wide web.
WHEN he sang in The Verve, he sounded miserable, and then he went solo and his tracks were close to suicidal, sometimes just because of their poorness.
Sometimes calculations involved in explaining the estimates are difficult (in logit model) but they are very useful to design the plots for conditional effect and poorness of fit, which are helpful in explaining logit regression and to show outliers in data.
The refutation that Socrates anticipates will be inflicted upon him for his poorness in speeches by the Eleatic Stranger, who serves as a refutative god, has already been inflicted by himself.