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Stress, caused by bearing load of many responsibilities can result in poorness of performance in any one (or more) of them, because the individual pays greater attention to those that interest him or her.
Its intention is no other but condemning the fact of modern thinkers questioning dogmatic truths as well as their interest in separating historical Jesus Christ and its divine image, saving the latter exclusively for the sphere of faith; but the most significant and polemical issues were those concerning Catholic church's social performance, an aspect that religious modernism was asking to be reformed regarding its disciplinary regime (more humility and poorness in cleric's life) and its interference in social issues (Cozar).
Those who traditionally oppose Turkey's EU membership cite Turkey's "big territory, poorness and predominantly Muslim population" as reasons not to make Turkey a member of the EU.
We, here, I think we were educated in this environment, and because of the poorness our parents had to go through, and also through this atmosphere that is ...
Although the actual class profiles of the party executives and candidates of MP, as shown in following tables, belong to the upper and middle classes, the discourse of party which is using family allowances projects and policies based on poorness discourses has put the party ideology in an unsteady place.
The poorness is one of the bleeding wounds of the society and hurts more and more families.
I more readily agree with Shepherd-Barr's other contention, which suggests that the relative resource poorness of theater is precisely what makes it good at talking about science.
Upon seeing him, Stainton immediately notices his poorness of attire and expression.
Furthermore, in spite of its poorness, the quantitative data afforded by the SEP in its defense confirmed the following interpretations.
These levels indicate the relative prosperity or poorness of countries.
The description of Leitrim on the first page of Memoir emphasises the destructive process from which this landscape has so far been exempt: 'The very poorness of the soil saved these fields when old hedges and great trees were being levelled throughout Europe for factory farming, and, amazingly, amid unrelenting change, these fields have hardly changed at all since I ran and played and worked in them as a boy.' The tone and image may recall Wordsworth:
The barrier that prevents more advanced usage of available data is believed to be the semantic poorness of today's solutions.
Darwin blamed the lack of transitional fossils in part on the poorness of the paleontological record.
Table 7 Rank vs Frequency pour for Non-Religious Participants (n = 56) Rang [mayor que Rang < 2 o igual a] 2 Frequence [greater Religion (20 ; 1,8) than or equal to] 10 Homeless (12 ; 1,9) Solidarity (15 ; 1,6) Help (6; 2,5) Frequence < 10 Catholic (4; 1,8) Blackmailing (5; 2,2) Generosity (6; 1,8) Church (5; 2,2) Manipulation (5; 1,6) Meal (6; 2,8) Poorness (8; 1,9) Sect (4; 2,3) Note.
The poorness of fit is particularly notable in Justice