in the poorhouse

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*in the poorhouse

1. Lit. in a (historical) communal dwelling for impoverished persons. (*Typically: live ~; end up ~.) He couldn't pay his debts and had to live in the poorhouse.
2. Fig. in a state of poverty. (*Typically: live ~; end up ~.) If I lose my job, we'll end up in the poorhouse.
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Destitute people could be denied benefits or admission to the poorhouse if they were judged to be immoral, lazy, alcoholic, quarrelsome, or a bad influence on others.
The agency believed that this restriction on outdoor aid would stimulate people to make a "renewed effort to secure their own living" because no one would choose to live in the poorhouse if they had other alternatives.
Rather than grim Bastilles, as the English working class referred to nineteenth-century workhouses, Wagner finds that poorhouses were humane institutions that adapted to their residents even as residents themselves shaped aspects of institutional life and exerted influence on poorhouse managers.
Backing Crouch to score first (8-1 Ladbrokes, William Hill) or at anytime (9-4 Skybet) would have been the road to the poorhouse.
The notes to Museum Highlights: A Gallery Talk, for instance, chronicle the founding of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and its entanglement with the history of a local poorhouse.
Sadly though, as hard as we work, most of us are still only one paycheck away from the poorhouse.
THERE'S an old saying in bookmaking circles that backing odds-on favourites away from home is the quickest way to the poorhouse.
Before 1960, it had already survived decades of serving as a prison, mental asylum, poorhouse, hospital and graffiti canvas.
You are certainly out personal dollars and have been signed, sealed and delivered to the poorhouse.
Wright earned his living with his writing and died in Paris, if not comfortable, at least self-supporting; Hurston scrambled through many jobs, including domestic work, and died in a poorhouse.
On occasion, he would stay in the town's poorhouse.
And last but not least is "Material Girls," a hilarious riches-to-rags story charting the short trip from the penthouse to the poorhouse, and starring the delightful Duff sisters.
The Chancellor's rhetoric of a 'Northern Powerhouse' has been one of the biggest cons of the Conservative's general election manifesto and revelations like this just go to show that he is creating a 'Northern Poorhouse.
GEORGE Osborne's Northern Poorhouse illustrates the hypocrisy of the Tory Chancellor's propaganda.