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It said that each percent of a negative GDP growth rate and its resulting impact on wage cuts in these poorer eurozone countries increased suicide rates by 0.
I worked with nine and ten-year-old children from two different areas, one affluent and one poorer area, in the North of England.
Immigrants from poorer countries are also seen as more likely to abuse or rely on the welfare system, to which they have not contributed, causing taxes to rise (Hainmueller and Hiscox, 2010).
Using planning laws to prevent the betting industry clustering around poorer communities is more difficult, but it ought to be tried.
The risk of emotional problems and poorer family functioning increased with each additional hour of watching TV or electronic game and computer use.
But you do wonder if withdrawing funding for these bursaries - the council certainly doesn't have any spare cash - might not just entrench the divide between wealthy and poorer children, not break it.
Facilitating the access to credit for the poorer workers is another avenue to increase their income, especially for the self-employed, as this may allow them to benefit from asset-price-generated wealth.
Academics from the University of Southampton said that these factors did not completely explain why black women have poorer survival rates, particularly those with the type of breast cancer that is expected to be sensitive to hormones.
Among those who survived the first 28 days after stroke, current smokers had a 42 percent higher risk of poorer outcomes.
Schools should use the premium for its stated purpose - helping poorer children and improving social mobility.
Real incomes for middle income and poorer households have fallen every year since the start of 2008 and are set to drop again this year by 0.
Concerns have now been raised that with institutions hiking their tuition fees, such as Durham University raising them to the maximum pounds 9,000 a year, it could prevent poorer young people from the North East going on to study a degree.
RESEARCHERS are to examine whether poorer students find it more difficult to fit in at England's top universities - and their experiences of gaining a job afterwards.
Summary: Generous bursaries, usually offered by the most selective universities, are failing to attract poorer students.
The findings show socio-economic status has little impact on a pupil's achievement in the last four years of primary school for most minority ethnic groups, with both richer and poorer pupils making similar progress.