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Uncle Henry grew poorer every year, and the crops raised on the farm only bought food for the family.
My children must not mind being the poorer for that.' And now my father's ill, and not able to speak for himself, I shouldn't like anything to be done contrary to what he said to me."
"You'll never be the poorer for this, my dear boy, if there's a God above; and if the money's wanted for your father, Moss and me 'ull pay it, the same as if there was ever such security.
If he meant to give your aunt the money before ever he got into this sad work o' lawing, it's the same as if he'd made away with the note himself; for he'd made up his mind to be that much poorer. But there's a deal o' things to be considered, young man," Mr.
The increase would result in the poorer consumers in off-grid islands paying much more in generation charges than Metro Manila consumers.
The research has found that weight-based victimization contributes to poor health in youth, including substance use and poorer emotional well-being.
Prime Minister Hun Sen highlighted the growing economy on Friday and called on critics of his leadership to swear on their lives that present-day Cambodia is poorer than in 1979.
LONDON, Feb 4 -- A vaccine given to girls to protect them against a virus that causes cervical cancer is a "critical" health tool and access to it should be scaled up as swiftly as possible, especially in poorer countries, cancer experts said on Monday.
In this post-hoc analysis, researchers examined the efficacy of Qtrypta in treating subsets of patients whose migraines have traditionally been difficult-to-treat and have been associated with poorer outcomes when treated with oral medications.
THE new Universal Credit is tending to make poor people even poorer. It depresses me that Esther McVey is now the minister who has to cope with the difficulties and put it right.
I have heard a lot of comments that remaining in the EU benefits just the well-off, but there are many ways in which poorer people benefit the most from our EU membership.
Besides passing on counter-productive habits, the lack of 'cultural capital' or access to networks of privilege remains an important factor which explains the neglect and marginalisation of poorer people across generations.
Better QoL was associated with factors reflecting relationships, social engagement, and functional ability, while poorer QoL was associated with factors tied to poorer physical and mental health, including depression and other neuropsychiatric symptoms, and poorer carer well-being.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Most Americans say poorer citizens are not doing better under the US President Donald Trump administration, according to a poll.