poor little rich girl

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poor little rich girl/boy/kid

A sarcastic and unsympathetic label for someone, especially a young person, who has access to vast wealth but is discontent at a spiritual or existential level. During the interview, the young billionaire CEO gave a tearful account about not having any meaningful relationships, the poor little rich girl. He's just another poor little rich boy desperately looking for attention because mommy and daddy are too busy earning money to play with him. The film centers around these poor little rich kids wandering around New York City, trying to find meaning in the world.
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poor little rich girl (or boy)

a wealthy young person whose money brings them no contentment (often used as an expression of mock sympathy).
‘Poor Little Rich Girl’ was the title of a 1925 song by Noel Coward .
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poor little rich girl

Unhappy heiress. In contrast to Job's turkey, the subject of this phrase wants for nothing—except emotional support. The original “poor little rich girl” was socialite Barbara Hutton, heiress to the Woolworth (“Five and Dime” stores) and E. F. Hutton investment banking fortunes. She had a lonely childhood, seven failed— and in many cases, exploitive—marriages, and died a broken (and nearly broke) woman at age sixty-six. The phrase has been applied to other women whose lives were sad in spite (or perhaps because of inherited wealth).
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Poor Little Rich Girl is a paean to childhood innocence-- to the idea that Shirley Temple remains unaffected, unaware, and unspoiled by life itself and the world of show business in particular.
Sales at Poor Little Rich Girl are relatively low, about $90,000 a year per store, but the growth illustrates the changing mentality of the shopping pool -- a healthy 350 percent since the early years, an average annual growth rate of about 25 percent.
"I feel sorry for Peaches, she is a poor little rich girl." Who needs enemies, eh?
THIS is stunning actress Elaine Cassidy in her starring role as a poor little rich girl which is expected to shoot her to superstardom in the UK.
Tonight millions of TV viewers will see the girl group member swap a life of scrimping and saving to become a well-heeled `lady who lunches' in ITV1's Poor Little Rich Girl.
(Warhol essentially stopped making films in 1968, with Blue Movie.) In addition, Hainley has curated (in conjunction with the American Cinematheque) a run of double features titled "Andy Warhol Does Hollywood," which explores Warhol's variations on Hollywood themes by inventively pairing (among others) Warhol's Poor Little Rich Girl (1965), starring Edie Sedgwick, with the 1936 Poor Little Rich Girl starring Shirley Temple; and Warhol's My Hustler (1965) with John Huston's Reflections in a Golden Eye (1967), starring Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando.
Prince William and Madonna are among those who have had to fight off the poor little rich girl's overpowering attempts to strike up a relationship.
POOR little rich girl Tamara Ecclestone's new hubby Jay Rutland had a right run of bad luck last Wednesday night.
i) Mike Aherne, ii) Bill Beaumont, iii) Eddie Edwards, iv) Graham Gooch, v) Marvin Hagler, vi) Edward Heath, vii) Michael Heseltine, viii) Billie Holiday, ix) Leslie Hornby & x) Barbara Hutton - i) Amiable Geronimo, ii) Eagle, iii) Grocer, iv) Lady Day, v) Marvellous, vi) Poor Little Rich Girl, vii) Twiggy, viii) Veronica Lake, ix) Warrior, & x) Zap.
This poor little rich girl wasn't just born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but the entire canteen of cutlery.
POOR little rich girl, the phrase is overused but not when it is applied to Tori Spelling.
Nur (Ayda Aksel) is a poor little rich girl, daughter of a contemptuous right-wing politico and a spacy mother.
But what were poor little rich girl Daphne Abdela and her pal Christopher Vasquez?
Money, mental illness, sex, and art - what more could a poor little rich girl want?