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party pooper

A person who dislikes or refuses to participate in social events, often with the result of detracting from others' enjoyment of such events. Amy is such a party pooper. She thinks our company's social functions are stupid and just stands around pouting the whole time. Don't be a party pooper, come and talk to the rest of us!
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n. the first person to leave a party; someone who ruins a party because of dullness or by leaving early. Don’t invite Martha. She’s such a party-pooper.


n. the buttocks. How is she going to get that humongous pooper into the chair?


n. a device used to pick up and carry away dog feces from public places. Taylor actually got a ticket for walking her dog without a pooper-scooper in sight!
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If you can't pick up the dog waste yourself then please hire a professional pooper scooper to do it for you
Professional poop scooping is a growing industry, and the Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists is a professional trade organization that provides listings of professional pooper scoopers in the United States and Canada in the Find-A-Scooper National Directory on its Website, http://www.
I don't see the mounted branch carrying pooper scoopers or being fined either.
Regina Peruggi, head of the Central Park Conservancy, wields a pooper scooper in Manhattan's famous park, and Eric Bonnot, chief of Burger King UK, slings patties and drains fries.
BURNLEY winger Wade Elliott plans to be a party pooper by beating hometown team Southampton and keeping the Clarets in the top six.
It's to encourage people to be more responsible for their animals and includes a two-hour written examination followed by a practical test where owners have to prove, among other things, that they know what the wrong end of a pooper scooper looks like.
So well done, Limerick City Council which is providing 5,000 pooper scoops free of charge to the city's dog owners to encourage them to pick up their doggies' doos.
His daughter, Sasha Pereyra of Palmdale, has been posting fliers advertising Professional Pooper Scoopers, whose motto is, ``They poop it, we scoop it.
And for the small businessman looking to get into the pet supply business -- 12,000 pooper scoopers.
NORTHAMPTON boss Stuart Gray is determined to become a party pooper today.
FORMER party animal Robbie Williams turned into the world's biggest party pooper - spending just 30 minutes at his own 28th birthday bash.
If the council chooses to proceed with the program, staff also is asking it to consider revising the city's pooper scooper provision in the ordinance to require dog owners to carry a device for waste removal in public.
But Leslie is set to become party pooper after grabbing pole position for round 12 in yesterday's qualifying session.
When they do their business in Buchanan Street or any other pedestrianised areas, the police don't get off their saddle to get their pooper scooper out why not?