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party pooper

A person who dislikes or refuses to participate in social events, often with the result of detracting from others' enjoyment of such events. Amy is such a party pooper. She thinks our company's social functions are stupid and just stands around pouting the whole time. Don't be a party pooper, come and talk to the rest of us!
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n. the first person to leave a party; someone who ruins a party because of dullness or by leaving early. Don’t invite Martha. She’s such a party-pooper.


n. the buttocks. How is she going to get that humongous pooper into the chair?


n. a device used to pick up and carry away dog feces from public places. Taylor actually got a ticket for walking her dog without a pooper-scooper in sight!
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The walker had forgotten to take the usual plastic bag and was pounced upon by the Pooper Snooper Troopers and given a pounds 40 fixed penalty.
BURNLEY winger Wade Elliott plans to be a party pooper by beating hometown team Southampton and keeping the Clarets in the top six.
FORMER party animal Robbie Williams turned into the world's biggest party pooper - spending just 30 minutes at his own 28th birthday bash.
His daughter, Sasha Pereyra of Palmdale, has been posting fliers advertising Professional Pooper Scoopers, whose motto is, ``They poop it, we scoop it.
At this rate, the only career he's going to be qualified for is that of Professional Party Pooper.
If the council chooses to proceed with the program, staff also is asking it to consider revising the city's pooper scooper provision in the ordinance to require dog owners to carry a device for waste removal in public.
But Leslie is set to become party pooper after grabbing pole position for round 12 in yesterday's qualifying session.
When they do their business in Buchanan Street or any other pedestrianised areas, the police don't get off their saddle to get their pooper scooper out why not?
NORTHAMPTON boss Stuart Gray is determined to become a party pooper today.
Hoisting a pooper scooper into the air, Shanley said, ``And by senior year, you're cleaning out everything you don't want anymore,'' she said amid giggles and applause.
A 5-foot-tall chain-link fence surrounds the park, which has a water fountain for people and for dogs, benches, a portable toilet for people, trash cans, pooper scoopers and bulletin boards to post notices.
Pooper scoopers and trash containers will be available, but dog park users typically police themselves, Valeriote said.
Religious fanatic Miss Kilman becomes Mary Krull, a politically hard-core lesbian, as much a party pooper (of the whole human parade as well as Clarissa's little celebration) as the original.
But the Lady Bulldogs, turns out, are party poopers.