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scoop the pool

To win all, most, or the most coveted of the available awards or rewards in some competition. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. The film scooped the pool at the awards ceremony last night, winning the three top prizes for Best Picture, Best Actor, and Best Actress. Among online retailers, the new company clearly scooped the pool this year, capturing an incredible 70% of the market.
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pool up

1. Of liquid, to accumulate into a pool. It turns out that rain water had been pooling up under the foundations, causing a massive amount of damage to the property.
2. To gather up, accumulate, or group together something, especially money or other resources, from various places or sources. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "pool" and "up." We've all been pooling our money up to buy these lottery tickets, so we all deserve equal shares of the winnings! The four companies came together pooled up their top legal teams to sue the government over the new law.
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scoop the pool (or the kitty)

be completely successful; gain everything.
In gambling games, the pool or kitty is the total amount of money that is staked.
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pool up

1. To accumulate in pools of liquid: Because the seal around the bathtub leaks, water pools up on the floor every time I shower.
2. To group some resources for the common advantage of the participants or contributors: We pooled our money up so that we could buy a new TV. If the kids pool up their allowances, they could buy a baseball bat.
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dirty pool

n. activities conducted using unfair or sneaky tactics. When they start playing dirty pool, it’s time to get mean.
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pocket pool

n. the act of a male playing with his genitals with his hand in his pants pocket. (Usually objectionable.) Stop playing pocket pool and get to work.
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n. sneaking into private or public swimming pools at night or during the off-hours. The kids went pool-hopping, and one of them nearly drowned.
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Many taxpayers using the IPIC pooling method may have limited their LIFO elections to only a portion of their inventory.
If the IRS or the taxpayer initiates a change from the IPIC pooling method to a different LIFO pooling method, the taxpayer most likely would have to change the number and composition of its LIFO pools.
We calculated 1-day and 5-day average and median acquisition premiums for both pooling and purchasing companies.
In Pfizer's recent acquisition of Warner Lambert, the pooling of the companies involved an acquisition premium approximately 34% above Warner Lambert's stock price just before Pfizer announced its first bid.
Telcordia Technologies, known in the industry for its numbering administration expertise, has participated in the development of industry guidelines for thousands-block number pooling administration and implementation of telecommunications initiatives.
The Virginia SCC adopted an order, in case number PUC000304, on February 16, 2001, naming Telcordia as interim pooling administrator and mandating pooling in the 804 NPA.
These special pooling rules were only allowed for certain taxpayers that were using the IPIC method, which clearly demonstrates that pooling under that method is different from pooling under the regular or historic-dollar-value LIFO regulations.
Accordingly, the restriction against including purchased goods in a manufacturing NBU pool should not apply to taxpayers pooling via the IPIC pooling method.
that justify reexamining the pooling method's appropriateness.
Except in the most unusual circumstances, it seems inconceivable a true pooling of interests could occur when one merger partner is 5 to 20 times larger than the other.
But most importantly, we were impressed with the company's sophisticated solutions which support thousands-block pooling at both the state and national level, and their ability to support the needs of the Tennessee Regulatory Authority and the interests of the people of Tennessee in conserving numbering resources in Tennessee.
NPAC regions, Illuminet can offer any telecom provider, whether regional or national in scope, access to Number Pooling data.
The North American Numbering Council (NANC) introduced Number Pooling with NPAC Release 1.
4 upgrade, which contains a module that streamlines number pooling operations.
4 number pooling capabilities, Evolving Systems' LNP version 1.